As this community grows it's hard to keep track of everything that has been posted before and also where to post what you want in regards to a discussion (the top half of the main page) or a blog (the bottom half below the photo slideshow).

Basically discussions (3047 of them) are the place to post questions about gear or places to ride, warnings about road dangers, reviews of stuff you like and basically anything. You can also allocate it to a category such as cycling in Adelaide, Advocacy and Safety, Reviews, Training and Nutrician and Gear and Tech to name a few. You can also tag posts with terms to help them be found more easily (lights, winter, wet, advocacy, racing etc).

Blogs (currently 618) on the other hand are a place to tell a story or share a diary. Blog is short for web-log. Maybe you are in training for a big event like a holiday to the Alpes or Three Peaks Challenge or you just want to document your journey as new cyclist to grimpeur.We've had some really excellent blog posts about new racing experiences and training regimes.

Blogs can also be a place to explore ideas by sharing in the form of an essay and seek responses that unpack those ideas. Some blog posts have been republished in other media after being discovered here.

So like a great magazine article a blog can be an engageing sit down with a cuppa read.

If you have ever used a blog before you will know about subscribers and RSS feeds. Adelaide Cyclists blogs also have RSS feeds as well as delayed posting, tagging and the ability to save as a draft. With the addition of photos it offers a very powerful tool. As a reader you can subscribe to a members blog so you never miss an update.

If you've ever thought about starting a blog (and it doesn't have to be all about cycling) then give it a go here. The best part is there is already an audience. If you already have a blog you maintain why don't you cross post by copying. We all love readers and comments.

So in summary if you only want to write a few lines, ask a question or give a heads up post it as a discussion. A story, diary or exploration ideas post as a blog.

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I thought it would take someone as clever as you Pat to get in first with that one... yes, I considered that but I want to have it filed under the category Adelaide Cyclists News.

I am not saying a discussion shouldn't be long, there is nothing wrong with supporting material, more the better, but this was not my diary or an exploration of ideas.

Why do I post those all member emails as a blog? Well it's because I create them using the draft function of a blog and transfer to the emailer and link to the blog as a way of say "if you can't read this email properly read it online"


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