News out today from DETI says that $1.3mil will be allocated to increase safety at cycling blackspots in the Adelaide CBD and suburbs including a bike lane on Main North Rd.

The minister for transport, Patrick Conlon, said "the state government has a huge focus on providing cyclists with a safe environment in which they can travel, ... this includes improving infrastructure"


In addition, a new pedestrian crossing on Greenhill Road will be switched on today, as part of the $12 million Greenways project.

“This new pedestrian crossing on Greenhill Road will link the Greenway route with the CBD. It's also perfect timing for families commuting to the Royal Adelaide Show from the Parklands,” Mr Conlon said.

“The Greenhill Road pedestrian crossing is a key component of the Adelaide to Marino Rocks Greenway, providing a pedestrian and cycle-friendly route along the soon to be electrified Noarlunga train line.”


Full release cyclinginfrastructure.pdf..


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Excellent news.  I have been pushing for a bike lane on Main north road from Grand Junction Rd for many years as this is the major missing link in the cycling network for cyclists coming from the northern suburbs.  So better late than never.  I just hope the bike lane does not disappear on either side of major intersections.

Historically authorities stated that Prospect Road would provide the cycling link from the northern suburbs. However, Prospect Road was mucked up a couple of times re cycling infrastructure and safety.

Prospect Rd would never be a viable option to link the northern suburbs to the simply doesnt go to the northern suburbs!

Perhaps authorities thought that cyclists would ride a short section of Grand Junction Road.

Will AC members consider writing to the following authorities, to point out that a more hazardous section of Main North Road, between Balville Terrace and Nottage Terrace and the CBD, has been overlooked? The more that write, the better.

1. Hon Patrick Conlon MP, Minister for Transport / 12th Floor, Roma Mitchell House, 136 North Terrace, Adelaide SA 5000 / GPO Box 2969, Adelaide SA 5001 /

2. Hon Tom Kenyon MP, Minister for Road Safety / Level 4, City Central, 11 Waymouth Street, Adelaide SA 5000 / GPO Box 464, Adelaide SA 5001 /

3. Ms Rachel Sanderson MP, Member for Adelaide / 84 Prospect Road, Prospect SA 5082 / (The section of Main North Road between Nottage Terrace and the CBD is in the Adelaide electorate. Rachel is a new convert to cycling.)

4. DTEI / GPO Box 1533, Adelaide SA 5001

5. DTEI's Office of Cycling & Walking

Heather, while we expect it to be overlooked, from what I can see in the press release, all it says is that there is $100K for a bike lane along Main North Rd between Grand Junction Rd and Nottage Terrace, which in theory would include this section.

What about Nottage Terrace to CBD (sorry, O'Connell Street) that I also mention?

The ACC have announced the details of their cycling infrastructure spending - dollar for dollar with the state government.

Read the release here.

The work undertaken at Whitmore Square includes the installation of distinctive green pavement in the bike lanes, in order to discourage motorists from crossing into them when turning corners into the square

Lord Mayor Stephen Yarwood said the innovative safety projects are based on proven research and international studies.

 “European and Australian studies have found that use of coloured bicycle lanes at intersections is associated with a 38% decrease in bicycle crashes, and 71% decrease in serious injuries and fatalities,” Stephen says.

“With these additional safety enhancements, flat terrain, great weather and wide streets, Adelaide it set to become Australia’s cycling capital.”

The other work includes the installation of bike lanes on Waymouth Street from Light Square to West Terrace, continuing the link from Light Square/Morphett Street, resulting in 600 metres of on-road bicycle lanes. The lanes will position cyclists so they have a “head start” over motorists.

Council is also continuing to develop visible on-street bicycle parking, called “nodes”. This involves the installation of rubber kerbing, painted with reflective white paint on Gouger and Jerningham streets. There will also be flexible delineator posts, hazard signs and bike logos painted on the road.

It is a step in the right direction. However, without the low profile yellow Riley Cycle Kerb (description at drivers will still cross into the bicycle lane at these corners. Just like motorists do at Albert Bridge near the zoo. ACC were prepared to use the Riley Cycle Kerb but DTEI vetoed it.

I am disappointed that the funding does not include Light Square, which has similar problems to Whitmore Square. There are also the added hazards nearby in Morphett Street, where drivers cut into the bicycle lane between Hindley Street and Currie Street, cross over cyclists' paths into car parking under the Adelaide TAFE, and cut cyclists off when vehicles turn left into Currie Street across cyclists' who are travelling straight ahead into Light Square.

Poor cyclist safety on Morphett Street has been discussed at length on Adelaide Cyclists, e.g.



3. (will need to search with key words new green bike lane)




Heather, In regards to Light Square we have just placed a new green lane on Morphett St as you cross Waymouth St going into Light Square.

David, I will check it out. I cycled into town toady via Montefiore Road and turned left into Currie Street to go to the ACC public discussion on transport held in Grenfell Street.

Has DTEI given ACC approval for short sections of green coloured bicycle lane:

1. On the eastern corner between Hindley and Currie Streets, where vehicles are driven in the bicycle lane.

2. Across the entrance and exit of the TAFE underground car park.

3. At the NE corner of Morphett and Currie Streets.


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