News out today from DETI says that $1.3mil will be allocated to increase safety at cycling blackspots in the Adelaide CBD and suburbs including a bike lane on Main North Rd.

The minister for transport, Patrick Conlon, said "the state government has a huge focus on providing cyclists with a safe environment in which they can travel, ... this includes improving infrastructure"


In addition, a new pedestrian crossing on Greenhill Road will be switched on today, as part of the $12 million Greenways project.

“This new pedestrian crossing on Greenhill Road will link the Greenway route with the CBD. It's also perfect timing for families commuting to the Royal Adelaide Show from the Parklands,” Mr Conlon said.

“The Greenhill Road pedestrian crossing is a key component of the Adelaide to Marino Rocks Greenway, providing a pedestrian and cycle-friendly route along the soon to be electrified Noarlunga train line.”


Full release cyclinginfrastructure.pdf..


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OK, to me this PR piece by the State Government is like a rag at a bull. I'm trying very hard to be positive about this but I am a cynic when it comes to grand announcements that try to put a positive spin on the lack of funding.

To take one example that I know well:  "Bike lane along Cross Road between Duthy and Glen Osmond."

Not realy a 'black spot', in fact there is a mostly un-used parking lane along that whole stretch that is really good for riding along. I am paranoid about traffic hazards across the city but mostly I find that bit of road OK.  The worst part of that road is the 'pedestrian refuge island' in the middle of Cross road that makes a bottle neck and the biggest hazard for that stretch of road.  I hope at least the $52 000 includes the removal of the bottleneck.


The list of upgrades is embarassingly short. There are way more dangerous road/bike places that this tiny list. What has been listed here are not real 'black spots', they are long stretches of road. So why say black spots when they are not?


This media release glosses over the inadequacies with lame examples like:  “We’ve seen the success of such cycling projects as the Amy Gillett Bikeway in the Adelaide Hills,.."   A half-baked bumpy gravel track that starts and ends no where is not the pinnacle of success when it comes to cycling infrastructure.


Thanks for posting this Gus, but it makes me weep if this is all they will do.


Advertising could be part of that deal too.

We should lobby whichever misguided focus group decided that millions be spent on saving "drink walkers", and have some of that advertising budget spent on educating motorists not to hit perfectly sober cyclists.

Oh I totally agree about the drink walkers campaign. Are we in a nanny state? Why should we see government money spent on something that shouldn't happen. Or if money is going to be spent put it into more alcohol education or .... I don;t know, what's the point!
Back to your point, yes. Money spent on not hitting or being aggressive to cyclists would be better.

To the DETI announcement I am not sure if it is new money or not or just the proportion of the 2011/12 funding that is yet to be spent - and a lot of that came from Federal money via Anthony Albanese.

All talk and no action again, then again though Conlon does get some things done, I mean he did upgrade his North Tce office last year for $490000 !

I feel sorry for the good people in the DTEI and the councils, they really do want to improve things but unfortunately the only funding they get is what is left over after the usual redirecting and mismanagement of allocated monies.

Rant over :)

This is just more grandstanding and does not go far enough. this is a token sum and will not achieve a great deal unfortunately. 

Bike lane on Main north road from Grand Junction Rd to Nottage Tce seems like a monumental waste of time and resources.  The kerbside lane along that section is very wide, and in my opinion, one of the safer roads to ride into the city in peak hour.  Where a lane *is* needed is from Nottage Tce into North Adelaide which, typically, has been neglected.


Leaves a very strong feeling of "what's the point?"  

I too would have to disagree.  I used to commute daily along this stretch and particularly the stretch between Grand Junction Rd and Regency Rd was of particular concern as there was no clearway in this stretch and it was always a worry squeezing between parked cars and the traffic on especially on the uphill sections.  While the section between Regency Rd and Nottage Terrace was not as bad when the clearway was in operation, a dedicated bicycle lane defines dedicated road space for cyclists and makes drivers more cyclist aware which is particularly beneficial in relation to cars entering and leaving side roads.  

More generally when it comes to cycling infrastructure in the Northern suburbs, a bicycle lane on Main north road from Grand Junction Rd to Nottage Tce addresses the most significant missing link in the cycling network for cyclists wanting to safely travel from the Northern Suburbs to the city.  

Thought I might add my two cents worth.

I ride the section of main north road from regency rd into the city fairly often in peak hour. It's one of my favourite parts of the ride as the cars are usually traveling slower than I am and there is lots of room. This last point is the biggest reason I switched to this route from NE road. The only time I have issues is with people turning right through stopped traffic but as long as I am careful and slow up in anticipation of this, I have no problems. For the most part though, this section of road is fine for riding (up to the intersection at Scottys) how it is (at the times I ride) and from that point of view perhaps the money could be better spent elsewhere.

However, if perhaps the ultimate aim is to create a safe cycling corridor from northern suburbs to the city centre then this could be an excellent part of the infrastructure if it is well made. There is plenty of room on that road (at least from regency to scottys) to build a space for cyclists to travel safely. My fear is that they'll slap on some paint and call it a day, leaving us with a half arsed piece of infrastructure that dissappears when it's too hard to figure out how to make traffic work together. I guess what I would be interested to see is something a little more innovative than a coat of paint.

 On a side note, I would question the accuracy of this statement:

“We’ve seen the success of such cycling projects as the Amy Gillett Bikeway in the Adelaide Hills, providing cyclists with a picturesque dedicated cycling route."

As it is my understanding that the bikeway is a shared path (I may be wrong in this - I've been past it once and the signs I saw seemed to indicate this) so how can it be a "dedicated cycling route"?

Anyway, just my thoughts on the matter.

At, states that the Amy Gillett Rail Trail "is open to walkers, cyclists and horse riders".

Virginia, an invite to Join the AC group Prospect BUG which is open to those who cycle in Prospect that includes part of Main North Road. Members can receive a monthly newsletter. I welcome input from cyclists who cycle in Prospect and can provide feedback on cycling infrastructure and report hazards.

I'm extremely disappointed that they have neglected that section....the most difficult and dangerous of the whole trip from the suburbs to the city.

I hate riding that stretch....I actually think it's better to ride when there are cars parked along it gives you the (dangerous) door zone to ride in, where the cars cant drive. As opposed to the (more dangerous) traffic squashing you into the gutter.

It seems to me that the Amy Gillett Bikeway is more about getting bikes off the road than sharing the road which I thought was a basic aim of the Foundation.

Probably won't be long before bikes are banned from roads where alternative off-road paths are available.


Someone who knows a bit more than me sent me this comment/ his opinion....

OK.. I've been told this is comment is mostly wrong so I'll remove but suffice to say it isn't all new money. Here's a link to a document about sources of cycling funding from DETI.


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