Blacks road bitumen. Perfect surface, reduced bike lanes

Blacks road in the Southern suburbs runs from South Road the Main Road.

Approx 8kms of very recently resurfaced smooooth bitumen.

Perfect time to put in a bike lane on the southern side fromFlagstaff hill road to South road (as called for in the Onkaprainga transport review).

Instead the section from Main road to Oakridge looks like the bike safe area has been pushed into non existence. And from Flagstaff hill to South Road, the road will be just as bad as it was.

I hope I'm wrong but the white paint dots say otherwise.

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I rang Nat Cook's office.

They assure me the paint is going in the same place.

I'm still hopeful that the section from Flagstaff to South will actually get a dedicated allocation of bitumen.

I think whats occurred in the section from Main to Oakridge is the new bitumen is excellent, but its created a hard drop off onto the bike space. I saw Dave what you meant by google earth. That's probably the problem, whereas before the edge of the road disappeared into the side, now the edge and the side are distinctly different. That's why I'm perceiving it as changed.

It is very disappointing.  Surely it would be no big deal to have put another metre of blacktop on each side to make a safe bike lane both ways.  I have to commute from and to Flagstaff Hill from the veloway and it is not safe. The roadworks have left a shoulder of varying widths with huge amounts of gravel strewn across it in many areas. 

I will not ride in the shoulder as some parts are extremely narrow and leave me with nowhere to go other than into the gravel (which would be a crash for sure).  I just remain either on the white line or slightly into the vehicle lane, and in peak hour and at night it is scary, just hoping against hope that the drivers are going to do the right thing and give me the metre and a half required when in that zone (70kmph).  Mostly they don't.  I feel that some are deliberately going as close as they can to cause fear because they don't like to share the road.


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