Hope this is the right discussion category to post this.   Let me know if a different category is better.


Had break-in with two bikes, 2-sets of wheels and some other stuff stolen.    Really mad.     Description of items below, and report already given to police, but besides Gumtree and Ebay where should I be looking for the stolen items?    What other forums should I be watching?    Thanks for any advice.




Stolen 7-8 December 2018:

1) 2015 Focus Mares cyclocross bike, white frame / cantilever, SRAM 10-speed, Chris King hubs/Stans clincher rims/Challenge Cx tires

2) 1984 Vitus road bike, light blue frame, Mavic SSC Group & hubs/rims

3)  HED Ardennes Black clincher wheelset, SRAM cassette, Specialized tires

4) Zipp 454 NSW Carbon clincher wheelset, SRAM cassette, Vittoria tires

5) Zipp wheelbags x 2 bags (black, white lettering)

6) EVOC Bike Travel Bag Pro  (black, green lettering)

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Join AC group Stolen Bicycles Adelaide at www.adelaidecyclists.com/group/stolen-bicycles-adelaide

Post details under discussion Stolen Bicycles. Preferably use SAPOL’s The Bicycle Passport (provided) as a guide.

Read hints under discussion Recovering Stolen Bicycle.

Thanks Heather.

Done!   Now hoping something turns up.    Insurance company denying any compensation.


Photo ID flyers to all of the Cash Converters asap. As well as the major disposals stores - Pete's Bargains, Unley Disposals etc. Check on-line bike market places (there are several on fb).

Good ideas - thanks.

It takes a lot of time and diligence to be a detective....


Register your bike on this website, especially if you have the serial numbers. It's free and they've had some success with recoveries. At least a couple of Police forces and companies like Cash Converters are using it


Hey Mark, do you which model of Specialized tyres were on the wheels? I've been chasing a lead about some stolen bike parks and I've found a set of HED Ardennes Black wheels however they're in Melbourne so I'm not sure whether theyre yours...

Thanks Ewan,

Specialized Turbo Cotton 24c with pink latex tubes.

Wheels also had a SRAM cassette.

Also, the wheels were inside a Zipp wheelbag, black with white lettering.

Police said there was chance the truck that robbed our place headed directly to another State, where it would be harder to look for the stuff online, especially if unloaded through a pawn shop etc.

Good luck and let me know if you suspect they are my wheels.


Hey Mark, unfortunately the wheels I've been chasing are fitted Specialized Espoir tyres not Turbo Cottons, I'll keep an eye out for any HED wheels matching your description online!

Thanks Ewan - really appreciate your efforts.   Hope you have some great summer rides.   -M

Mark, great that one interstate person spotted your post. Good to put the post on the AC hub where members will see it. But also add to the AC group Stolen Bicycles Adelaide which appears when googling. www.adelaidecyclists.com/group/stolen-bicycles-adelaide
Includes topics of Recovering Stolen Bike and Stolen Bicycles.

Topic Stolen Bicycles
List details of stolen bicycles. Also check details if suspicious about a bicycle.
Please include details below, based on SAPOL's The Bicycle Passport at www.police.sa.gov.au/__data/assets/pdf_file/0003/2649/Bike-Passport...

Link: (to your post on AC hub)
Make / model:
Type (men’s / ladies / racing / mountain / bmx):
Frame / serial number:
Frame size:
Wheel size:
Tyres (make / colour):
Gears (make / type / number):
Handlebar type (standard / straight / racing / mountain):
Pedal type (rubber / metal / reflector):
Saddle (colour / plastic / leather):
Identifying marks (stickers / badges / damage / repairs):
Security mark (type & position):
Date stolen:
Extra Info:

Report locally your stolen bike, as well as on other specific websites to spread the word, especially if your unique high-end bike is moved interstate.
Three suggested websites:

  1. The Australian Bike Vault – Stolen Bicycles Australia website is operated by Stolen Bicycles Australia Ltd (SBA). SBA is a non-profit organisation, founded in late 2015 by avid bike riders and former police. www.bikevault.com.au
  2. Bicycles Network Australia. www.bicycles.net.au/forums/viewforum.php?f=33
  3. National Bike Register. The National Bike Register was initiated by Police and developed by Crime Stoppers, DataDot Technology and cycling sponsor Subaru, to combat bike theft in Australia. www.nationalbikeregister.com.au

Thanks Heather.   Gradually getting all this done!


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