Í've never really mapped a route on this tool before, I just tend to keep a mental list of my loops and decide on the day what I'm going to ride but I though in the spirit of sharing I'd throw a couple down and see how others like them. Problem is, bikemap.net isn't exactly intuitive. I click on a few points and the blue line seems to have a mind of its own going wherever the heck it wants to. can someone please give a quick 5-seconder/some tips on how to map out a route, it'd be very much appreciated:)



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when i used to draw maps i found google maps to be quick & easy. 

http://maps.google.com/   You need an account and

then login set your default location and on the left type your start and finish points you can enter as many midpoints as well. The page will then offer routes and alternates.

if the offered route isnt right you can click and push the route towards the roads you want to use and ultimately save the map gpx file. This file can then easily be transferred to your computer and upped to other websites as desired.

With bikemap.net you can choose whether the blue line follows the roads (magnetic tool) or the straight line. I use the magnetic tool, much easier. It is also an iPhone app now which sends them from your computer to your phone so you can take your routes with you.


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