BikeFest 2019: Let's Make this a CargoBike Convergence!

Hey, Long Bikers,
Let’s Make this a CargoBike Convergence Too!
We don’t often get to celebrate something as wonderful as the completion of the Outer Harbor Greenway - the most recent addition to Adelaide’s Greenway Network, a continuous, secure & attractive 20km Active Transport route between the North-Western sector of the City & the Adelaide Parklands/CBD.
On Sunday, October 13th PortBUG & partner organizations will celebrate this event at BikeFest 2019.
Key events will include:
  • a community gathering & celebration at Plant 4, Bowden (11am) followed by…
  • a community ride exploring the Greenway &…
  • at around 12noon a ‘Cargo Bike Show & Shine’ with commercial displays & Cargo Bike Test Rides, rear car park, Woodville Town Hall AND…..
  • at 1.30pm the Adelaide premiere (in Woodville Town Hall) of ‘MOTHERLOAD’, an exhilarating feature-length documentary about ‘the cargo-bike movement saving the world’!

So Let’s Make this Celebration a 'CargoBike Convergence' as well!
You can find details below at the BikeFest facebook page & at PortBUG'S BikeFest page.  It’s ALL FREE – popcorn, film, refreshments - courtesy the City of Charles Sturt & everyone is invited. Come to the morning’s activities, to the afternoon at Woodville Town Hall, or come to both! 
& BikeFest Poster attached.

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Bring it on! Sounds bloody great!!

the puzzled look on the store clerks face when you buy 20 bags of potting mix and they know you are riding a bike is priceless

That's impressive. I keep breaking bike racks trying to carry 20-50 litre bags on my regular bike. :-(

(including breaking a steel rack that claimed to be able to hold 150kg!)


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