Fellow Cyclists It appears a recent spate of bike thefts is occurring, perhaps more so than usual.

In the early hours of Saturday morning I had 3 bikes stolen from my garage (3 out of 7).

They took my Parlee (pictured), my Trek top Fuel Ex 9.9 mtn bike and my BMC urban assault veichle the  AlpenChallenge.

I also heard of 2 other thefts in the Unley Millswood area over the last 2 days as well.

I believe I got a look at one of the thieves as she got into a car parked at the end of the street, a largish lady about 5'8'' with a dirty blond pony tail, unfortunately I failed to get rego number etc etc.

So be extra diligent I suppose is the message and if you see my Parlee you have my permission to re-attain it for me.

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What a pain in the butt.  I noticed the Advertiser had a big article on bike theft yesterday.  I hope you get something back.  I wonder why this is happening now ?

Any idea of why they may have targeted your garage? Almost sounds planned which is a worry as they may be scoping out the area before working out who to hit. Was the garage locked?

They may be working the area as I have since heard of another theft and a failed attempt. They most probably came over the back fence and opened the garage from inside.

I have also heard they can use strava to locate oprtunities, but not in my case as I have not posted on strava for months.

Hi Gavin, sorry to hear about the loss of your bikes.

You may already be aware of all of this, but its good knowledge for anyone using Strava & concerned about personal privacy:

Unfortunately the Strava global heatmap retains & displays location data for months if not years. Most famously, this has recently caused problems due to people working in and around sensitive military locations & uploading their runs around the base perimeters etc.

But it also helps thieves. For example this is a small bit of a random city and I was able to very quickly spot about a dozen possible driveways where bikes are entering and leaving frequently enough to leave a trace on the heatmap.

A privacy circle set up in Strava over your house will help prevent this, but even then you need to make sure the center the circle is not directly over your own home - otherwise your actual address could *still* be accurately triangulated if you come and go from a few different directions.

Hi Gavan,
Are your bikes still missing?
If so, an invite to join AC group Stolen Bicycles Adelaide at www.adelaidecyclists.com/group/stolen-bicycles-adelaide
And post a discussion under Stolen Bicycles at www.adelaidecyclists.com/forum/topics/stolen-bicycles?groupUrl=stol...
The discussion header states “Please include details below, based on SAPOL's The Bicycle Passport” and provides prompts. Your report would be number 50.

Sadly, as you have found out, your own home is not safe... It is a good idea to secure your valuables even when they are seemingly safe on your own premises. Whether thrives are being more selective and using apps like Strava to find targets, or it is the society we live in these days more generally, it is up to us to take on the responsibility, even though others should not steal from us... 

Have a look at this video for some ideas https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2DiLSzzPVyE

You might consider chaining your bikes to your mower and to everything else of value that an opportunistic thief may want to take. Although nothing will stop a determined crim or targeted theft (and some bikes are stolen to order!); making it harder (physical effort, time taken, chance of discovery) is always easier than any wisdom bought on by hindsight. There are ways besides physical security, but if you do not have a real dog, or you rent premises and cannot or will not spend thousands on technology, then locks and such are your best bet.

Remember, that you could link six items together but if you use a $5 padlock, that is the weakest link and a simple hammer will smash that... if you have bike locks you use to lock up on the street, then use them at home, and lock two or three together, so, as a bundle, they are much harder to pickup and carry... the ground anchor or such is another idea high on the list.

One other point, don't leave the bikes clearly visible, passing eyes and such will take note of what is in your garage. don't have roller doors open during the day, or have non-descript covers for bikes - a more than opportunistic theif will know what they are looking at... they can tell the difference between a k-mart bike and s-works... 

Finally, make sure your insurance covers the bikes, and over a certain price point, they should be itemised with your policy, and the insurer may have other requirements - engraving, registered with police, data dots etc... take photos to aid in identification and potential recovery.

Challenge strangers in your area who are luring or driving around slowly with no reason, or note their rego - we all have a responsibility to reduce theft, so don't make it easy for them.

Good luck with getting your bikes back, though they are probably interstate by now, the networks of crims won't just take them to the local Cash Converters, they are sold in other areas, possible parted out. Doesn't mean you shouldn't check or set alerts on Gumtree, local FB buy and sell groups etc. on the off-chance the crim is just a low-life bottom feeder and seeking quick drug money... The reality is the police won't 'waste' resources looking for your bike - but they will act on evidence you collect...

Kryptonite make an anchor point you can mount to a cement floor.  It takes some reasonably serious drilling to get it in.  Have a  look at the comments on this page. 


Of course once they are in your shed they may have access to all kinds of useful tools like angle grinders !

Another video that might be of interest on the topic...



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