Fellow Cyclists It appears a recent spate of bike thefts is occurring, perhaps more so than usual.

In the early hours of Saturday morning I had 3 bikes stolen from my garage (3 out of 7).

They took my Parlee (pictured), my Trek top Fuel Ex 9.9 mtn bike and my BMC urban assault veichle the  AlpenChallenge.

I also heard of 2 other thefts in the Unley Millswood area over the last 2 days as well.

I believe I got a look at one of the thieves as she got into a car parked at the end of the street, a largish lady about 5'8'' with a dirty blond pony tail, unfortunately I failed to get rego number etc etc.

So be extra diligent I suppose is the message and if you see my Parlee you have my permission to re-attain it for me.

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What a pain in the butt.  I noticed the Advertiser had a big article on bike theft yesterday.  I hope you get something back.  I wonder why this is happening now ?

Any idea of why they may have targeted your garage? Almost sounds planned which is a worry as they may be scoping out the area before working out who to hit. Was the garage locked?

They may be working the area as I have since heard of another theft and a failed attempt. They most probably came over the back fence and opened the garage from inside.

I have also heard they can use strava to locate oprtunities, but not in my case as I have not posted on strava for months.


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