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The bike lights look very similar to the Lezyne ones that I have (and paid considerably more for). Being USB chargeable I was thinking of getting a set for my 5 year old to try out.

Yep they look similar but definitely a knockoff. I still think they would work well for a 5 year old. I like the idea that he thinks lights are a good idea from an early age. He has also put an order in for saddle bag .... so he can carry stuff.

aldi at modbury had a heap of them today, also the stands and other stuff. 

I picked up a set at Aldi Hawthorn tonight. Not a huge number left I must say .... perhaps 4 or 5.

I have compared them to my original Lezyne ones and they do appear to be a cheap knock off. It seems as if they have basically cut as many corners as possible to get to the desired price point. That being said they are at least as bright, if not brighter. The rubber flap over the USB point doesn't seem to fully close off the point so that may cause issues down the track. 

Overall first impressions are fairly positive considering the price. I get the impression that they will last long enough to feel that they were good value for money but they will not be handed down to my grandchildren.


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