Anyone know what happened to Bikestation at Hove?

Was gonna drop the bike off for a service this week and its all cleared out (and i mean the new premisis on the corner)

Phone number is dead and no word on their website or facebook page

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Unfortuately they closed last week.

Wow! I was in there mid-Feb, Noel didn't mention anything :(

Bike Station has gone but Noel live on! I spotted Noel at 99Bike Marion the other day. He works there Wednesday to Sunday as a sales consultant. He mentioned they will soon be selling Wilier and BMC bikes  from the beginning of June. The other thing he mentioned is that he will be starting up some Saturday morning rides, this includes some off road gravel rides. Drop in and say geday and find out about the rides.

Very unfortunate about The Bike Station. I bought a few bikes there, (maybe not enough).          He's a great bloke, Noel. Just bought a Merida eOne Sixty 900 E-Mountain Bike Red/Black (2019) from him last week . 


Beautiful bike the eOne Sixty. If you want some extra range or want to ride all day buy an extra battery and a top tube bag. The 2nd battery fits snug inside. That would give you a range of around 140kms on eco.

Thanks Trevor, nice T T bag. 

Thanks Trevor, nice T T bag.I already have a spare battery on my Merida eBig Tour 9 300 Electric Mountain Bike (2018) that I bought just for touring about 6 months ago . 500 Watt hour battery give me  155 - 160  Kms range on a full battery in eco. Same battery on the new  MTB , so batteries are interchangeable.  I did price a new (spare) battery about 6 months ago and they were over $1000 . Just rode the eBig tour to Melbourne (the long way round) , did the Silo Art Trail, with about 25 Kilos of stuff on it + me. The longest day was  130Kms , still had about 30Kms of  battery left.

Wow, now I am inspired! You might be interested in what kiwibeebruce is up to. He is planning a trip in a few weeks from NSW to the NT then onto WA on an eBike with 3 batteries and a trailer. I think you should tackle the 2020 Tour Aotearoa, it is one of the world's great bike-packing trips. Stretching 3,000km from Cape Reinga to Bluff it follows a combination of cycle trails, tracks, paths and lanes connected by the most enjoyable country roads available.

Hey Pete, check out 99Bikes at the moment for a spare battery. You should be able to pick up a BT e8010 sub $700 with a bit of charm and their mid year sale.


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