Of all places, the Mile End Homemaker Centre now has its own bicycle repair station. It's curious, as in my humble, nothing epitomises 'blubberland' (to pinch a term from architecture critic, Elizabeth Farrelly) quite like the Mile End Homemaker Centre. It's the realm of the private motor car and the unfit, private-motor-vehicles-are-a-human-right-lets-spend-our-Sundays-buying-stuff apologist. It's a scary place to even walk from car to store. That said, I have spotted (and used) two bike racks. One of which always seems to have a KMart Special chained up to it. Which makes me smile. I wonder whose doing this is? City of West Torrens, the Homemaker Centre, or both?

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I would have believed in flying pigs before a corporate conglomerate like the home maker centre cared about bike riders.

Wow not even the velodrome has one of those.


Bit of a surprise isn't it? Even a bit of a turtle on a post situation... 

It would be a joint action by the Adelaide BUG Bike Users Group and the local council -  I assume,
Adelaide BUG got 1 installed in the Adelaide Airport for arrivals/departures of cyclists.

Homemaker centre is about 1/2 way from airport to the city, so I guess it was either there or Bunnings.
You would expect to see more of these around the place as money permits probably.

Adelaide BUG with view to promote cycling in and around adelaide

Coppo, thanks for the promo. Adelaide BUG did persuade Adl Airport to improve bicycle facilities, including bicycle service stations. See link http://www.adelaideairport.com.au/air-travel/to-and-from#parking --> Bicycles.

However, did not know that a bike service station at Homemaker Centre, Mile End. I do shop there (by bicycle) and would have noticed if outside Anaconda (an entrance to the centre, near a sporting store and bicycle parking).

Anyone know when it was installed?

If anyone finds out who installed it, let us know. Useful when asking for other bike service stations.

it would make sense to put it outside Anaconda for those who have just purchased a "high quality" bike.

sorry had to put that dig in.

Well I think it is great

it is a real positive attempt at helping bike riders. I have many times directed touristy types walking bikes with flat tyres to Anaconda as it is open all day on the weekends. Now they can get air there too.

Good point.

Here's hoping vandals don't f**k it up.

Wonder if a council contributed. In West Torrens. A useful place for another, in Charles Sturt, is Henley Square. Many cyclists stop there for coffee, on the Coastal Bikeway, and not far from Linear Park.

Today cycled Railway Tce, so looked for the bike repair station. Outside Freedom Furniture -- the Good Guys signs made it easier to find. Next to some bike parking. No extra signage to indicate the installer, but guessing the local council. Have emailed West Torrens Council, enquiring if I can thank them.

If money was less the concern and you had your wish list for locations these should be installed...

Top Usage:  Rundle St - City, Glenelg , Norton Summit, Mt Lofty, Grange

Less Usage but handy:  Hahndorf, Lobethal, Outer Harbour,  Cudlee Creek Cafe

About Nov-2013 free bike pumps (perhaps with tools) installed:
-- outside the ACC Customer Service Centre, 45 Pirie Street, Adelaide
-- the BMX track off Unley Road


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