Anyone live around the Norwood, Payneham and St Peters area and ride to The Parade?

Do you ever find a proper, out in the open and Australian standard bike locking facility to lock your bike up? I really know of only a couple. At the end of the old arcade, a couple near the town hall and maybe a couple near Hoyts.

For a pretty major shopping are with a lot of close by residents who might like to ride their bikes to The Parade do you think it could be better?

What would you like to see offered if you had a say? I would like some proper parking that is in main view so bikes don't get stolen, a decent place to change my shirt etc so I could do to a movie or restaurant and perhaps even spaces in the underground car park for bicycles (there might be some but I have not checked since this came up).

The local paper, the East Torrens Messenger would like to hear your views. Make a comment here that could be used in the article. If you really want a spray drop me a line and I'll put you in contact with the journalist.

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Thanks Heather.

Do you think it's enough for a centre like Norwood? How many bikes were just secured to posts and other non bike specific items?
Wow that's great. Just to add some off Parade ones I noticed this morning there are 4 (so 8 bikes) at the south end of the mall just beyond Coles and before you get to that short pedestrian crossing to the park. They are the fairly short (horizontally) ones like an upside down U that have a metal picture of a bike welded into the gap at the top.

Thanks Angus for starting this discussion.

Can I suggest to people that as well as commenting here, that you contact (email/phone) your local ward councillors and make your views known?

I am currently in Brisbane and there is some very pro-active cycling infrastructure that has been put in place by the Brisbane City Council. BCC manages the entire metropolitan area of Brisbane, it is a "super-council", so the dynamics are a bit different than Adelaide, but it's fantastic to see so many cyclists using the infrastructure here. And this is DESPITE the hilly topography!
The area of Norwood Payneham St Peters, with its topography, is a no-brainer for cycling as a significant means of transport, if the infrastructure can be designed to accomodate cyclists as well as cars.

Same goes for much of Adelaide metro area.
Michael, the ones you referred to with bicycle picture, I have called short loops. The industry calls the common larger arc-shapes loops. The flatter tops I have called rails.

Angus, most of the official bicycle parking did not have bicycles attached. I noticed some unofficial parking but did not record. Yesterday I did the Norwood bicycle parking survey, recorded the current state of Walkerville Terrace, and recorded and reported 10 hazards, plus other tasks that totalled 9 hours of advocacy. Off soon to the launch of Zero Emissions in Adelaide, then when I return home tonight an urgent cycling advocacy communication to write. Find a less busy cyclist who lives in Norwood to record unofficial bicycle parking.
Ah OK thanks Heather. I was thinking loops were the ones which come up and do a circle and then go back again. We need a page somewhere with examples. I searched a bit and couldn't find anything. I did find some great bicycle racks though like this one


Michael, went to your link and pictures 1 and 2 do not meet Australian Standards and therefore Austroads (which copies info from AS). Appropriate bicycle parking allows one to easily lock the frame and both wheels without removing the wheels. So on a rail I can use a U-lock to go around the frame and parking, plus metal cable to pass around both wheels and the parking. Cannot do that on the old toaster racks. If encountering a toaster rack with only a U-lock, could lock the front wheel and return to find only a wheel. AS also vetoes some racks and toaster racks that hold the wheel without providing a resting place for the frame. The bicycle can topple and in the process do damage like buckling the wheel.

Check out www.ledasecurity.com.au --> bicycle parking
I do not like all of their designs, eg when needing to lift the bicycle. Not everyone can do that. Or may lift the bicycle and get grease and dirt on clothing. Not a professional look on business clothing. Also veto designs that require a high top tube for frame locking, and therefore do not cater for ladies step-thru or smaller children's bicycles. This annoyed me with some old longer rails in ACC. When the parking was taken at both ends near the posts, then I could not use the middle of the rail to lock my lower frame using a U-lock.

Looking at the Leda products again, I noticed that what I used to call arcs, a representative called loops, so I wrote loops on AC, and now notice that the Leda website call them rails. I will go back to calling them arcs, to distinguish from bicycle parking with a flat top bar. Some in the CBD I call pretzels, eg in North Terrace and by the Festival Theatre.

I looked at the Leda products because I was giving some advice to the (Liberal) Member for Adelaide who wants bicycle parking at her office. Interesting that previously the office was used by a Labor minister who professed to support cycling but no bicycle parking. But then I learnt the hard way this year that the Labor Government is not supporting safe cycling in Prospect on Prospect and Churchill Roads. Arterial roads come under the control of the State Government so it could have rejected the disgusting 'upgrade' plans organised by Prospect Council. More info at Prospect BUG. Who is going to help Prospect cyclists, when I advocate for cycling in my council and other nearby councils?
Thanks for that link Heather. They gave us one of those Leda products called the Concord Bike Rack under the new Innova21 building at Adelaide Uni. Not very good. They feel flimsy and you need the full triangular frame to get a U-bolt through the little loop on the rack and the top tube on the bike. Not sure how it would go on a women's frame. I guess they think it is an easy way to get a lot of bikes locked up.

Michael, I would veto the Concord Bike Rack. It does not support the frame of the bicycle and therefore does not meet Austroads or Australian Standards. Bicycle parking in public places is required to meet AS, but businesses can often do what they like. Unless the local council approved the plan for a shopping mall on condition that it installed bicycle parking that met AS. Doesn't the uni get some government money? If so, this may give a bargaining chip.

Last summer Prospect Council removed two of the limited 'tried and tested' parking in Prospect and replaced with 'bright funky artwork', thinking this would encourage cycling. Yet the Cycling Strategy and the council's own mini survey identified lack of safety as the main reason people give for not cycling. I complained to council about the parking not meeting AS and Austroads, but it ignored this coordinator of Prospect BUG. Ditto about their plans for Churchill and Prospect Roads which do not meet guidelines, and with increased cycling hazards will decrease cycling in Prospect.
Angus, when I surveyed Norwood bicycle parking, it was for the rails which people seemed unable to locate. I recall seeing 4 bicycles attached to rails, leaving 40 unused bicycle parking spots. I noticed one bicycle attached to a post, but there could have been more because I was not surveying that.


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