Anyone live around the Norwood, Payneham and St Peters area and ride to The Parade?

Do you ever find a proper, out in the open and Australian standard bike locking facility to lock your bike up? I really know of only a couple. At the end of the old arcade, a couple near the town hall and maybe a couple near Hoyts.

For a pretty major shopping are with a lot of close by residents who might like to ride their bikes to The Parade do you think it could be better?

What would you like to see offered if you had a say? I would like some proper parking that is in main view so bikes don't get stolen, a decent place to change my shirt etc so I could do to a movie or restaurant and perhaps even spaces in the underground car park for bicycles (there might be some but I have not checked since this came up).

The local paper, the East Torrens Messenger would like to hear your views. Make a comment here that could be used in the article. If you really want a spray drop me a line and I'll put you in contact with the journalist.

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Besides the ones you mention there are some out the back of the post office on Webbe Street. You can see them if you look left and right below in Google maps streetview below


I can't remember if any have gone into the redevelopment of Coke Park behind Coles.

But you are right it's pretty poor.

An easy solution would be to remove the car parking along that part of the Parade near the Mall which has lots of rear of shop parking, widen the footpath and add bike parking. Problem solved !

Right. I know them. They are Australian standard but seem to me to be a bit token. That lane is not quiet but still could see a bike stolen pretty quickly easily.
I live about 1500 metres from the parade and am there a few times a week. It's pretty tough to chain your wheels to anything that doesn't obstruct walkers and shops. There is only really one place that I like it is just up from the Bath pub, out of the way and a nice piece of metal to attach my bike too.

Now that I think about it there really isn't too many 'safe' places.
Yeah, I reckon that chaining bikes to 'fixed objects' like seats, tree surrounds and posts gives cycling a bad look. The attitude of some that we clutter up the space with bikes chained wherever. Whereas a proper bike parking area would not put non-cyclists off side and would be safer.
I'm not really comfortable leaving my Fav. wheels anywhere that is off the main street. If people are comfortable Urinating, Vomiting, Smoking one of many substances, having sex etc I'm not super cool leaving my bike there. I have a fairly heavy duty lock, but anyone with suitable tool could get it if they wanted :(
Teddles, sounds like they will be too busy to nick your bike.
From personal experience I have found that the majority of those acts are over in under a couple of minutes, Then what do you do ? :)
Have you seen what happens to people when they smoke Meth/Ice ? Not cool
On a related note I'd like to see another dedicated pedestrian crossing at least somewhere on the east end of the parade. Trying to get a pram across the road there really highlighted the big stretches of the Parade that don't have a nearby crossing.

Really for a shopping road like that it's pretty badly dominated by cars.
I regularly cycle to The Parade and it has more bicycle parking than the City of Prospect where I live. After you have persuaded Norwood, Payneham & St Peters Council to increase parking, help my lobbying of Prospect Council for more bicycle parking that I started in 1994.

On The Parade there are two rails outside a medical centre which is opposite a bicycle shop. There is a shortened rail in a mall where there is Subways (eat healthy while watching one's bike). Two rails outside the town hall in two different streets. There is also non-standard bicycle parking that looks like a car - what a strange idea. May be more that I cannot recall at the moment.
I live at the top of The Parade and dropping into the Norwood Parade is pretty common for me be it the LBSs, the bank, newsagency, cafes, etc.

I too certainly lock my bike to a pole in a busy area either by the pedestrain crossing in the centre or up by Phil Mittiga's bike shop. Generally, I am happy to lock up to which ever pole is closest but I do try to keep my bike from harms way - busy areas, cars aren't going to "nudge" it, pedestrains won't whack into it. Plenty of spots like that on The Parade but then I think the average "no parking" sign is just dandy ;-)

The Norwood Parade certainly is a bit of a car paradise and negotiating the intersection at Portrush Rd can be intimidating especially in peak hour - not sure how it could be "fixed" given the "dog leg" nature of the intersection - perhaps a cyclists button similar to a bus lane priority light - food for thought?
I sighted parking for 44 bicycles on The Parade, when I cycled between Osmond Terrace and Portrush Road on 2-Dec-2010.

110 The Parade, Norwood Institute Library, 2 rails for 4 bicycles
116 The Parade, SE corner of The Parade and Osmond Terrace, Chemmart, 1 loop for 2 bicycles.
120 The Parade, Steven Marshall Member for Norwood, 1 loop for 2 bicycles.
147 The Parade, Titlespace Pty Ltd, 1 strange bicycle parking with car tyres for 4 bicycles when a movable display is not in the way.
157 The Parade, NAB bank, 1 loop for 2 bicycles.
175 The Parade, Norwood Townhall, 3 circles for 6 bicycles.
175 The Parade, Ward's Shoe Store, 1 loop for 2 bicycles.
185 The Parade, Subway, 2 small loops each takes 1 bicycle due to placement near planter boxes.
199 The Parade, 1 rail for 2-4 bicycles.
203 The Parade, Norwood Medical Centre, 1 rail for 2-4 bicycles
221 The Parade, Rivers, 1 loop for 2 bicycles.
232 The Parade, Bath Hotel, SE corner of The Parade and Queens Street, 1 loop for 2 bicycles.
237 The Parade, Norwood Squash Centre, 1 loop for 2 bicycles
238 The Parade, Hot Chocolate Homewares, 1 loop for 2 bicycles.
Edward Street, within sight of The Parade, look SE, George Ermis, 1 rail for 2 bicycles.
George Street, within sight of The Parade, near NW intersection with The Parade, Norwood Townhall, 1 loop for 2 bicycles.


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