Bike lane termination at new Rundle Rd/East Tce intersection

Does anyone have an idea of the line marking plans the new intersection at Rundle Rd/East Tce? It looks to me like the bike lane (as usual) will terminate abruptly before the intersection. This is quite a busy intersection in the mornings and this is an obvious accident waiting to happen.

It does look like there is an off ramp, but that seems like it is for a left turn or to shuttle all the pesky bikes in with all the other not-car objects.

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yep, that's pretty obvious by nearly running into her (and her surprised gasp) :D

i just said "can you tell your driver not to park there". she ignored me of course (or didnt hear me). she appeared to be looking for a sign for parking or something when i glanced over my shoulder. never got a look at the driver.

and if there's no signs then as far as i gather, technically it's not a bike lane. it's just stupid (and presumably deliberate). but he also might have not had malicious intent, and just didnt want to occupy the (unmarked) parking spaces (indicated by the reverse lights still on, and in reverse gear). because it was just a short stop to let her out of the car to check the signs. how nice of him.

and yeah i can't be stuffed reporting it. nothing will happen. he might get a 'warning'. there's too many points that can be argued in court. ie. it wasnt fully obstructed (given that i was able to pass) therefore no hazard.

i dont really like this setup because the ramp is quite steep after the button, and specifically for the bikes and not the pedestrians. i suppose it helps slow us down so the left turning cars can collect us as they try to get around the corner as fast as possible.

if it were fully obstructed i would have been forced into traffic as usual. might as well just not use it.

good thing it's technically not a bike lane then :P

help is coming....

SimMelbourne !  


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