I have a question following a recent conversation about bike lanes. The law in SA makes it clear that you must ride in a bicycle lane when one is provided (with exceptions like avoiding hazards, etc.), but what about timed bike lanes? If it is outside the hours of operation of the bike lane, is a cyclist still required to ride in it?

I'm not asking if it is safer, a good idea to, or just courtesy, but where does the law stand? Could you be fined for riding outside a non-operating bicycle lane?

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copped a $500 fine for running a red light the other day, trying to go from the (ended) bike lane northbound at franklin/King William, up onto the footpath next to the post office while pedestrian lights were green. Council workers had blocked the ramp with a barrier which stopped me being able to get up on the footpath, forcing me to stay on the road. The blackshirt hipster didn't care.

l will be fighting it just because doing it will not impact my finances any more than it has. l will offer the judge a ride in the back of my trike while we ride up and down King William road between Franklin and North terrace at 10.am on a weekday, see if he thinks its better being on the road or the footpath. (if l wait for the green light, the pedestrian lights are red, do l then get a "jaywalking" ticket for using the pedestrian crossing on a red light?)

we need to STOP the conviction based promotion system of policing and revenue collecting, and go back to common sense policing

I'm trying to understand this. Franklin / King William, that's the northern end of Victoria Square. But which direction pedestrians was it green for?

yes, that is the situation as per the diagram, glad to hear it is only 50 bucks and not 500, as l said  policing for profit it wrong, and this is the only reason l am fighting it. it's the same as the intersection after, if l can't get on the footpath next to the post office, l use the pedestrian crossing lights to leave the road and get up on the opposite footpath, (still traveling north), because, the number of times l have had to ask idiots to gtf outa my way when l try get up on the footpath when all the sheep are clustered at the corner with their I-ignores on, they trap you on the road.

even the blackshirt hipster said "traffic lights are not there for bicycles"

Are you sure it's as low as $57, Dave? I can't find the reference but I thought the maximum fine for a cyclist was higher than that. I hope you're right, but I have a suspicion it's higher, though not as high as $400+.

South Australia Road Traffic (Miscellaneous) (Expiation Fees) Variation Regulations 2017 under the Road Traffic Act 1961

Thanks Heather. Well it seems Dave was right and I was wrong:

5 — Lesser expiation fee if motor vehicle not involved
(1) Despite the fees fixed in the tables in this Schedule, the expiation fee is $56 for an alleged offence (other than an offence referred to in subclause(2)) constituted of—
(a) driving, towing, stopping or parking a vehicle other than a motor vehicle

Subclause (2) then lists some exceptions to this, and the only bicycle related exceptions are rule 254 (being towed by a motor vehicle) and 256 (not wearing a helmet). So that was my confusion: i had assumed that because it was over $100 for not wearing a helmet, it would be the same for going through a red light.

However our friend might be up for a victims of crime levy was well as the $56 (maybe now $57?) fine.

May legally ride across a pedestrian crossing.
SA (16-Apr-2017) – May ride across a children’s crossing, marked foot crossing or pedestrian crossing on road if they: (1) Keep to the left. (2) And give way to pedestrians.
Sounds like the police officer interpreted this as from one footpath to another footpath.
You stayed on the road because the footpath ramp blocked by roadworks.
At busy city intersections with traffic lights, I prefer hook turns, rather than moving into the right lane and waiting there. Seems safer for a cyclist to cross with pedestrians during a ‘scramble’ phase. When many pedestrians crossing, I might wheel my bike rather than cycle. If cycling, and many pedestrians at the footpath ramp, a tendency to avoid pedestrians by choosing the road instead.
Your experience is a reminder to walk, in case an encounter with that police officer.
How would that officer interpret the road rules if one cycled across a mid-block pedestrian crossing, and then immediately turned right to ride on the road? Safer place for cyclist to cross the road, and safer for cyclist to get ahead of vehicle platoon.

it was only interested in revenue collecting, checking my passenger for possible helmet violations for an extra pinch.

Cyclists may legally ride across crossings in the direction pedestrians cross, but we may not ride through the solid stop line to get to the crossing. At least that is my understanding, and it seems to be what Dave M is saying, above.

To use a pedestrian crossing, I think the correct thing to do is to get off the road onto the footpath just before the crossing, and then one may ride on the footpath and crossing (giving way to all pedestrians, of course).


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