I need some!

What would people recommend?

I don't have a lot of money to spend. My $20 Cell knicks have lasted well and seen me through rides as long as 240 kays but it's time to upgrade, especially since I'm starting to ride reasonable distances every day.

So can I buy some decent bib knicks under $100?

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Second that, Bellweather is a good value brand. And if you get on the Jaggad mailing list they're forever sending out "$60 off" or "two for one" offers to keep you coming back. Check the SALE page on their website where last season's designs, or stock branded for some event is usually half price. Jaggad bibs are closer to $200 at full price, but they're good if you find em on special.
i like these ones and would recommend them:

they're on special at the moment, but sizes are limited :( but they can usually be had for about $100 when not on special

there's a few others on there around $100 .. but i can't comment on whether they are any good!
If money is the deciding factor then probably your best bet is to find a pair you like at a local bike shop and then go online to buy them much cheaper (sorry LBS!) esp. with the favourable exchange rates between Aus and the US and UK at the moment.

I picked up some Santini Twist Gel Bib-knicks from Prendas.co.uk recently (90 bucks incl delivery) and have been v. happy with them.
Thanks, gentlemen.

The Bellwethers seem like a good option; I'll need to see if I can try some out.

I do tend to buy a lot of gear online but I'm sure to support my LBS where possible as well.

Depending on which brand I seem to be anywhere from a M to an XL! I'm 183 cm, 82 kg. Another good argument for the LBS.

I'll see you on the long road.

Port Adelaide Bib knicks delivered to you for $98! As comfy as my Assos Milles :-)
Ouuu... that sounds good.

You've seen me: what size d'ya reckon?
I am becoming an expert bib knicks fitter. You're Large I'd reckon. They're a smaller euro type fit. You're welcome to try on of course! GIve me a call and we can catch up...
That's good cos I'm more of a Euro size anyway ;-)

I'll give you a buzz!
I quite like the "dhb" bib knicks I got from wiggle.co.uk - you can get two pairs and free delivery for under $100
Seconded - I've had several pairs, and they've been great.
How was the sizing? Their chart is different to most others ie. XL pretty large... 6'3" and 41" waist...
I'm not aware of the Wiggle dhb sizing being much different to anyone else's. I am just over 6' (183cm) and I ordered a size L - which was the right size for me - wouldn't have wanted it any bigger or smaller.


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