Writing this from hospital bed in FMC after dog ran onto the road on Esplanade just south if Glenelg on Saturday. Straight in front of me at about 35 kmh. No warning so no braking, no swerve. Now have a broken collar bone, broken rib, two neck fractures, lower vertebrae crack. And that's lucky, could have easily been worse.
I am just a bit cross, the dog should have been on a lead, but due to stupidity I am now seriously injured.
Feel Holdfast Council would be better engaged patrolling footpaths teaching people about dog laws.
But saw the good side of people too. Immediate paramedical and medical assistance. FMC has been fantastic too.
Today was out of bed for first time since Saturday. Will be long time before back on bike. Will be a shorter TDU Community Ride this time if at all!

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Things improving now. Going home tomorrow. Hopefully awareness of need to control dogs also improves over time. Thanks....

Good to hear you are going home.All the best on the recovery 

This is a real problem along Linear Park, particularly the Walkerville area.  There are no signs telling people to put dogs on leads, although there is an open space where there is a sign that dogs can be off leads.  Some clear signage would be a start and maybe a few patrols by council would help.  They would just have to go along a few times during the morning and evening peak periods and the message would soon get through.


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