Writing this from hospital bed in FMC after dog ran onto the road on Esplanade just south if Glenelg on Saturday. Straight in front of me at about 35 kmh. No warning so no braking, no swerve. Now have a broken collar bone, broken rib, two neck fractures, lower vertebrae crack. And that's lucky, could have easily been worse.
I am just a bit cross, the dog should have been on a lead, but due to stupidity I am now seriously injured.
Feel Holdfast Council would be better engaged patrolling footpaths teaching people about dog laws.
But saw the good side of people too. Immediate paramedical and medical assistance. FMC has been fantastic too.
Today was out of bed for first time since Saturday. Will be long time before back on bike. Will be a shorter TDU Community Ride this time if at all!

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No idea. I was absolutely unable to see anything except the faces of people trying to help. I expect it was taken away very quickly by the owner.

Best wishes for a good recovery Vincent!

That's awful. Hope you make a quick and full recovery.
Also hope the dog is OK. The owner must be held accountable.

Hi all the best for your recovery.I am recovering from a injury myself not due to any third party just lost it on a bend.I too spent some time at FMC  the staff there are great.Unfortunately i don't see you on the start line of the bupa ride.I had my prang late september and i had a fracture of my vertebrae and have been told to stay off bike until Feb so i will be on sidelines.In your case you have every right to feel more than a little cross as you were in no way to blame.So all i can say is rest up listen to what docs have to say and be thank full that you are still around to get back on bike one day.Well thats what everyone keeps telling me

I can never understand why people dress up their dogs like that.


This wasn't the shared path. Rather the road south of the Glenelg Reserve. Thanks everyone for the perspective, makes me realise I'm not the only one who has to face going through recovery after an incident like this.

I hope you recover well and quickly!  I feel for you as I know the pain and distress of having broken bones and being off the bike.  So frustrating!  Also, time lost from work is a awful and stressful too.  

The dog owner is responsible for your injuries as he/she did not have the dog under "effective control" and besides, I think that dogs are supposed to be on leashes when on public roads. The cowardly owner, running off with the dog like that - they should have been the first people to help you.


hope the recovery is as quick as possible!

Sounds like it must have been a terrible shock to have his happen to you! Here's hoping for a speedy recovery.

As I have mentioned in other threads here this is a topic that is quite important to me. After landing on my head after hitting a dog in VIC park (owners fault not dogs) i have had enormous problems with headaches, migraines, blurred vision etc. Took years to trace it back to this incident. I would really hammer your doctors to check all parts of your neck are ok. Particularly the Occipital nerves. Occipital Neuralgia is basically what  i suffer from and is not fixable. but will be a whole lot better if they get onto it within days not years as was my case. My chiro has got a fantastic neck stretch and massage he does for me which works really well. I am paranoid about my neck angles and can reproduce a headache quite  quickly by simply moving my neck a certain way. I wouldn't be super quick to back on your bike untill you have 100% clearance. I got up and road home with damage to c2, c3. Turned out bike riding with an increased forward extension would give migraines the next day. I only worked this  out while lying in Flinders ED one night in a world of pain with neuro surgeons poking and prodding me. (My chiro worked it out not the brain doctors). Here is a couple of photos of how I have modified my bikes to keep me riding. The blue bike use to be 20mm lower at the front end with the hoods in a more conventional position. I can ride that bike for about an hour but not in the drops at all. The Scott in the back ground I have ridden for up to 5hours but with minimal drops action

Vincent, sorry about your extensive injuries. Some pedestrians and dog owners would not have clue about cyclist safety.

Have listed your post on AC group Look For Cyclists. No 46 at http://www.adelaidecyclists.com/group/lookforcyclists/forum/topics/...


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