I have a few bikes and wheels for sale on Gumtree and received 3 texts the other day. I couldn't reply to them, only by e-mail. I got the 'puter fired up the next day and fired off the same e-mail to all 3. There were appropriate marginal discounts and a bit more detail as to the condition of a couple of things.

They have all e-mailed me back saying they are busy, overseas no less and will arrange pick up/ transport for all my gear. Great. But here's the catch. They want my paypal or bank account details.

No way. I sent back rude/ explective e-mails telling them where to go. Scamming b$%#&@*s

Wanted to alert everyone on here and wondered if it had happened to anyone else.

Oh yeah. My stuffs in the gear shop/ classifieds ;)

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Gumtree = face-to-face CASH only.....

Just be aware that taking cash and meeting people you don't know can be hazardous:-


(never heard of anything like this in Adelaide - but you wouldn't want to be the first).

Scammers and spammers, the price you pay for allowing everyone on the internet.

Cash only at all times! Gumtree is well known for every sale attracting nuisance emails. Just remember to put "scam aware seller" or similar in every ad.

Thanks for tip

Ive never sold anything other than a car on carsales over the net. 

If I were to pursue a person willing to do a deal over the net, it would be cash up front in my nominated account, waiting for clearance etc, then postage to nominated address. Never the other way. Don't like? No deal, I'll wait for someone else serious enough to appreciate the terms.

If a face to face option is required, it would be in a public place like a shopping centre car park in the view of passersby and cctv, and also with friends who can 'back you up' if needs be from a short distance. Also, cash only. Helps too if you only gave a number that you could easily cancel, like a prepaid mobile phone & number. Pretty cheap these days.

Sounds paranoid, but you just cannot be too careful. Same with car, I tend to meet a person a neutral populated location rather than at my place of residence and with a friend who can whip out a camera phone if need be. Heard too many stories of people looking at cars only to steal them as they 'change seats' for a drive.

I have  an Avan Aliner (camper van) for sale on Gumtree and have had about six of these nuisance text messages , wanting me to email them back with  "my best price" . They are definitely scammers. I think I read some where on the Gumtree website that warns sellers about this . I just ignore them .     

Yeah. Can't be too careful.

What's the world coming to

There is an email scam going around asking PayPal users to "update your profile information" .

This is a pretty good copy of the PayPal webpage but it is a scam .

If you receive one of these scam emails you should report it to PayPal ,,, look in "safety information" there is an email link to sent  'phishing emails' to.  

If PayPal send you a genuine email it will always be addressed to you by your name .  

Take care ! 

we bought a washing machine off GT the other day. Didnt work properly when we got it back so contact the seller and she said 'keep it and I will refund you'. She did.

So its like anything, common sense and assertiveness works.

I did see a brand new EVO on their for like 2500AUD with an srm. Yep, was too good to be true. Some guy 'overseas' with work but could arrange shipment of the bike. After a few emails it was obvious it was dodgy.

GT is a great resource that naturally brings in a minority dodgy fellas from time to time naturally.

Thanks guys. Yeah cash only for anyone wanting to buy my stuff on here.

Hoping to sell a couple of things to fund other projects.

At least I can trust everyone here

Its hard to come up with a price for things. What they are worth against what people might be prepared to spend

what are you selling, after breaking another spoke on my 10 year old campy wheelset on saturday might be time for me to buy another set!

Hi Dave. I have Mavic Ksyrium SL with campy f/hub, but no cassette for around the $800 mark

Check them out in the gear shop/ classifieds


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