Beulah Road Bicycle Boulevard: Portrush to Fullarton - more is happening

Some people may have seen this in the Advertiser which talked about completion by end of 2019.

It seems that the Bicycle Boulevard on Beulah Road from Fullarton to Portrush is ongoing with recommendations in the agenda of the NPSP Council Meeting of 3/12/2018.

The  agenda is here

There are a lot of attachments and details. 

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OK page 165 forwards of the agenda is a series of google map images of the final plans. Probably the simplest thing to look at.  A few things stood out:

Wombat crossing Norwood Primary School (are wombats common in this area .... :-) )

The crossing at Sydenham seems to have been opened up to a paved area rather than just the two (shared) paths currently.

Portrush heading east there will be a bike lane on the north side connecting via a green strip to the island where cyclists have to wait for the lights to cross.  Where the green strip crosses the lane where the left turning cars back up of an evening it is marked KEEP CLEAR.  This is a great idea if cars observe the keep clear.  They need to do the same at  the Rundle Street / Fullarton Road crossing.

Michael, I really like the reminder to 'keep clear' a cycling area. Below I have expanded your note, for people unfamiliar with the area and not wishing to download a large council file.

Reference the NPSP Council Agenda 3-Dec-2018 Item 11.9 and Attachment A.
A proposed diagram on page A.13. On Beulah Rd a short section of green-coloured bike lane curves slightly away from the kerb, towards a more central road position, in preparation for the intersection with Portrush Rd. In the middle of Portrush Rd is a sheltered area for cyclists to wait while crossing the road.

What is most interesting is that the green-coloured bike lane is framed with a white-painted rectangle, which has the painted words ‘keep clear’. A reminder for vehicles not to block the bike lane, while drivers wait to turn left. There are many intersections in the Adelaide metro area where a duplication of this design would enhance cyclist safety.

P.S. It is not unusual to see 'keep clear' of travel lanes, but not cycling infrastructure. Need a 'keep clear' for the safety of cyclists and pedestrians using the passageway to cross Fitzroy Tce at the southern end of Braund Bikeway in Prospect. During peak-hour, vehicles are stopped mid-block by traffic congestion and red traffic lights at the distant intersections of Prospect and Torrens roads. Drivers cannot proceed, but every weekday vehicles obstruct the passageway, in breach of ARR 198.

I referred to the above in the BUG Enews Feb-2019. (Join AC group Adelaide BUG if you want to receive the newsletter.) A reader asked for an image.
Will attach screenshot from NPSP Agenda 3-Dec-2018, Item 11.9, Attachment A: Beulah Road Bicycle Boulevard, page A13.


At a 6-Jun-2016 meeting, council agreed to proceed with a final concept design.
During investigation, some design and stormwater issues were identified.
At a 3-Dec-2018 meeting, council confirmed a final design approach, to enable the detailed design plans to be finalised.
I don’t know if the current plan looks different from what local residents and cyclists initially expected.


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