I use plastic bottles, while aware of chemical leaching like BPA and who knows what else.

Can you recommend a metal water bottle that:

— fits into a bike bidon.

— has insulated double-wall like a vacuum flask. Otherwise water would get too hot. Also I would prefer to avoid some dark- or black-coloured bottles.

— one can easily drink from, e.g. when paused at traffic lights. Is this possible with a hard-walled bottle?

Over to you for hints and recommendations.

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Good question! I looked into this a few weeks ago, and metal ones for cycling (or any other activity involving rough treatment) seem hard to come by. So instead I am probably going to buy myself a plastic Camelbak bottle which claims 4x as long as normal insulation, and is BPA free. (Note Camelbak also makes a slightly cheaper model with only 2x as long as normal insulation.)


The Camelbaks are great. Only issue is that the mouthpiece can get a bit gross. Pull it apart and clean regularly, be careful not to lose the little clear O ring

A few years ago I bought a nice double walled stainless steel flask from the Scout Shop on Rundle St. Cost $60 if I remember.

Sorry, can not remember the brand. It was a little long for use in a bike water holder but it would have worked. Unfortunately I lent it to my son and he lost it :-(

Here's a snap of my bidon I have used for quite a few years - I've dropped it a few times putting it back in the cage. The last time it went under the rear wheel, nice dent! Not double-walled and it does warm up quickly on hot days.


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