Hey gang,

been a while since I darkened your pages, but glad to see my account still works and I haven't been decommissioned!

My trusty old floor pump (I mean it, I bought it in 1998) has died, and trying to fix it has failed - so I turn to the font of knowledge that is Adelaide Cyclists!

Best Floor Pump, how much, where from: Go!

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My only suggestion is the bigger the pump the more air it shifts per stroke, which could be especially helpful if you're fitting tubeless tyres

the harder the push...

i can't add much, i've used a Beto pump for years that i pulled out of a skip behind foodland.  until i replaced the head i had to jam a piece of wire in it because the pin was worn.  a dual pump head is handy if you also use schrader.

if i was buying new i'd look for a pressure guage and replacable parts.  a decent length of hose would be good and being able to mount it to something like a piece of board would be handy, mine falls over every time i look at it.


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