Hey gang,

been a while since I darkened your pages, but glad to see my account still works and I haven't been decommissioned!

My trusty old floor pump (I mean it, I bought it in 1998) has died, and trying to fix it has failed - so I turn to the font of knowledge that is Adelaide Cyclists!

Best Floor Pump, how much, where from: Go!

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I've got one of these:


Bought it a few years back, it was $135 - works really well.

Thanks Ross, looks as though the price has come down significantly in recent times; and it looks nice and stable, always a good thing when all else around you are significantly unstable - I just dont see the benefit in the new "portable" or "travel" style pump offering only one foot, inline with the gauge; then again I have a station wagon and lots of room if I'm driving somewhere with my bike, so it's probably not targeted at me. I dont tend to take my bike on aeroplanes either ...

How do you find the universal valve head? Do you use the pump on both presta and schraeder valves? I always thought that you would pretty quickly wear out any rubber bung that was being asked to adapt to both, considering the higher force that was being imparted to the rubber grip by a narrower presta valve, which almost exclusively is found on the higher pressure tubes of a road bike... no leakage? Any issues??

Works fine with both valve types, no issues, it just works.

I ilke Topeak pumps because you can get spares for them. My Joe Blow has worn out a rubber bit so Im sourcing a spare. 

I like user fixable/friendly products that are not designed to end up in landfill asap so you buy another. Bicycle pumps seem one of the few products like this now in cycling world.

I totally agree with you Harley, I am of the mindset that if you can't fix it, you don't really own it; you kind of just leased it. If it cant be upcycled or recycled shame on the designer; and you for buying it!

Unfortunately, as you say, design for scrapping to increase shareholder profit seems to be more and more acceptable in todays society. I could go on, but I don't want to start a war on these pages, I haven't been on for a while, and haven't read up to see what's been going on, but I knew that provocative comments used to get jumped on pretty quickly, and that wasn't my intention here.

What model Joe Blow did you get Harley, theres like twenty of them? Mad. I do like the look of the turbo track though, looks to be the best combination of solid, stable and affordable; I guess my concern would be the location of the gauge: if it gets knocked over, the top mounted gauge is going to cop the brunt every time. I only say this because I have two kids under ten, so everything hits the ground eventually. And they are always wanting to inflate something, be it a ball or a bike tyre. Does anyone know if these gauges are able to be rotated to a position 90 degrees to what they are shown here?  They are not as likely to get such a bad hiding if they are at least tucked out of the way I would think.

Anyway, thanks for your reply Harley, it's provided me with more info to follow up and think about!!

I bought a Big Foot Slime, a double barrel foot-pump suitable for bicycle and car. Failed just outside of warranty. Design vetoed repairs.
So I tried similar foot-pumps. The connector theoretically fitted the bicycle valve, but did not work.
Now I have Zeto Airdiver, bought at closing down sale of Recycle in Rose Park. Has lasted a few years. Do not know if repair options.

I know how you feel Heather. I contacted the local (closest rep is apparently some online front in victoria) rep of Blackburn, the manufacturer of my pump (whom when I bought it offered a lifetime warranty on non-wearing parts). The "local" rep told me that Blackburn no longer manufacture the spare parts I would require to fix my pump.

Therefore entirely voiding the whole point of offering a warranty on the replacement parts in the first place.

Every time I think about it I have to take a deep breath and just agree with myself to be disgusted with the practice of designing for landfill, and disguising it with a lifetime warranty on the part least likely to fail before the intended date of ceasing manufacture. I'm such an idealist egalitarian, it even makes ME want to puke sometimes.

I have just now emailed Zero enquiring to the availability of spare parts, underlining that unavailability is a deal breaker for myself and others. I'll let you know if/when/what I hear from them.

Haha, my email got bounced ... from the "contact us" email option on their web page... I'm thinking that says a bit...

I also spoke to LBS who still stock some Zero stuff, but not floor pumps; they apparently stock some spare parts but not a whole lot, certainly nothing for floor pumps (makes sense if they dont have them in their range). Interestingly, their advice was to go the Joe Blow range based on availability of spares and quality of build, as well as trust in the Topeak brand based on a range of other products.

Mark another tick in the Topeak column...



You can buy *all* the parts and make them last forever. That includes the leather plunger washer, the gauges, hose, return valves, heads, head grommets etc etc.

Our oldest one is about to celebrate its 22nd birthday and actually works better than new as the bore is super highly polished now. Regularly pumps to pressures over 180psi so it is well worked. 

All our other pumps have exploded, can't get more than 2 years out of the rubber-o-ring imitations. and as per other comments you cannot repair them.

Bicycle Express also keeps all the Silca parts you need when necessary to keep them running like new (or you can order directly from Silca).

I just bought one of their pocket pumps, I hope not to lose it from my jersey pocket sometime in the next 25years as that's now long the warranty is for....


Have had my Silca Pista track pump for ~25 years, it is the "cheap" version with the plastic handle (rather than the flash Super Pista wooden ones I couldn't afford at the time), and have only had to replace the leather washer once or twice, and the rubber head grommets twice? 

Years of faithful service, with the only exception is that now it shows 0psi as 20psi, so I pump everything with an extra 20psi, and then check it with a Topeak Digital SmartGuage, and it is ~1-2psi out. Can't fault that even if it is coming off a wonky baseline.

It has a brass head, rather than a locking one, and can be a bit temperamental, it likes threaded valves rather than smooth valves like Vittoria tubes have, and occasionally blows off, but I put it back on again, finish pumping, and Roberto is your Zia!

Wow, just looked them up, now THAT IS HOW TO DESIGN A PUMP! Looks as though Silca have stuck to their guns and with engineering principles, and not just selected cheaper substitute components.

This is definitely one for consideration - I just need to go and see the bank about a second mortgage...

Seriously though, thanks for this Gemma (and easytiger!!) I wouldn't have known they even existed, and a silca pump goes straight on the bucket list of things to buy when the fiscal belt is loosened.

If anyone else is as in the dark to these pumps as I was, check them out - Silca are like the Brooks saddle of bike pumps!!!

I've had a Brooks saddle for a few years now, I was lucky enough to be selected to trial them out when they first released the Cambium range; these are just the most comfortable saddle I've ever used; I keep switching it from mountain to roadie and back as I use them because I would just rather avoid sitting my tush on anything else now.

If anyone else is ever looking at a new saddle, please do yourself a favour and check them out. I know that Bicycle Express were stocking a small range, including the leather models that require a bit more maintenance and care, but are a step up again in the comfort levels. I already own one, and they're still on my bucket list so I can stop switching the one I've got between bikes!

+1000 Silca for all of the reasons Gemma states. I have the deluxe wooden handled one. About 20 years old now. Cut the brass end bit off a while ago and grafted a Topeak adapter on. Works great. On it's second leather washer - they just need a few drops of (olive) oil now and then. Trod on the rather exposed gauge once but I think the later models have managed to protect it a little better. Bike24 have an excellent range of Silcas, Zefals and other more traditional floor pumps.


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