Ok as cyclists we are all a part of the lycra invaders to cafes. So which cafes in Adelaide are the most cyclists friendly and which makes the best coffee?

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National Foods
19 London Rd
Mile End, SA, 5031

Little Fig on Winston avenue have been my coffee stop of choice this week while driving in and have been pouring some fantastic coffee. They are an off shoot of Strandard Store in Col Light Gardens who always do a good shot.

The Organic Market and Cafe in Stirling gets my vote, great coffee and cake to load up before the last push home!

My Place!! at the moment ;)

So long as it's not International Roast mate!

Largs Bay Kiosk. The cappuccinos are made with the old style stiff peaked foam. Good view, shade outside or A/con inside.

Spartacus.....needs a ride and a review to answer that question....sometimes its time to taste someone elses take on coffee.....theres no shortage of cafes out there willing to brew for you


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