Ok as cyclists we are all a part of the lycra invaders to cafes. So which cafes in Adelaide are the most cyclists friendly and which makes the best coffee?

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+1 for koffee n snax best ever focaccia the jarlesberg mmmmm
Is that the one on the right as you enter McLaren Vale with the galvanized iron roof?
I think I've been there after the Amy Gillett ride, yes it was nice.

We use to go there. We stopped for two reasons, the first being the owners smoke and always sit out where we sat and secondly, they were very rude to us on several occasions. Which was weird as the other riders had been going there for a few years regularly. 

I've never been into a cafe whilst on a bike ride..! Why waste good cycling time..? I can go to a cafe with my wife/kids some other time! Any cafe that does big cooked breakfasts gets my vote..
My Brother in Law and I have rode for Largs North to Glenelg stopping at Henley Square and Moseley Square to check out the best coffee.
Cudlee Creek Cafe.. Go and say hi to Babette. A good stop for a hot coffee especially after a chilly mid winter hills ride.

+1 for Cudlee Creek Cafe.  The staff are friendly & well used to visiting cyclists.  I regularly stop there tues & thurs with a group.  One of the staff, Megan, makes a point of trying to learn all our names.  Not much of a coffee connoisseur to comment on coffee quality.


North Adelaide Scuzzi is also bike friendly.  One of the most popular local rides starts & finishes here on tues evenings.

Yes + 1  Cudlee Creek Cafe Babette is a close friend of mine. Small world
+1 for The Cudlee Cafe, the BEST scones and cappucino. Mmmmmmmm
Hey Zimm, so you are related to those Zimms, I'm a friend of Marc's (and Marge and Brent)
I stumbled across grain and bean the other week and had a fab coffee there:)


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