Hey guys after a long time out due to injury it's time to get back on the bike.

I am wondering who people recommend for servicing their bike?

I have a new chain, cassette and gear cables at the moment and it seriously needs adjusting as the bike has lots of trouble going through the gears.

I will eventually learn to do the small adjustments myself, but for now I'd like a LBS to do it properly and get the bike running smoothly again.


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I usually try & get to BMCR in Waymouth St. but going into the city isn't always convenient for every one.

Where about's are you located? 

Master Cycles 428b Marion Rd


Aaron is helpful, friendly and knows his stuff.

Paul from Cycle2U does a great job, and he's mobile so he comes to your home or office and services it there.

While we're putting in votes for the little guys, Shaun Caire runs Bicycle Caire. He's a lovely guy operating out of the Glenelg North area. 

He's dedicated. One Sunday morning at home he gets a call from a bloke whose crank wasn't working well. Most would say, 'bring it on on Monday', but not Shaun. A short time later Rohan Dennis turns up. With new BB bearing fitted he was back on the road training.


totally awesome Shaun :-)

Thanks for all of the replies guys.

I am up north but I am willing to travel in order to get some great service at a competitive price.
Depending on how far north, there's..
  1) Avantiplus Salisbury at 3/1760 Main North Rd
  2) Elizabeth Star Cycles at Barfield Cres, Edinburgh North
  3) Gawler Cycles at Shop 17 Main North Road, Evanston next to Micks Motorcycles.
I haven't heard anything bad about any of those stores.

From the looks of it you only joined AC earlier today & so far have dug up 4 old threads, one of them from 2013, just to push this new business so your comment...

  'They bled my brakes heaps cheaper than Giant Adelaide quoted me, and was done just as good I'd say',

...i'd say is just BS.

I must say I was really impressed with the people running the Victor Harbor bike shop. They were flat out over christmas but still fixed a couple of broken spokes on my rear wheel straight away! Tailwind at O'halloran Hill always provides good promp service.

yeah, I'd say Nathan at Tailwind too.  Is always available and if it is a need it to get home job will look at it.  And is honest about the problem and the cost.


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