Hi All, New rider here and have just achieved a couple of 50 km rides to Outer Harbour and back. When I first started I bought a pair of mid priced bike pants (about $80). However, during and towards the end of the ride my butt really aches!!! (jokes allowed lol) Is this pretty standard ? Any suggestions regarding better quality pants or gel seat covers. Where best to buy from etc,

cheers Steve

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Steve it does come down to budget and a bit of HTFU but bib knix are best imho. As for which brand well as long as you don't mind riding around with advertising on then buying team issue knix makes sense they are exactly the same as what the "real" riders use for 5 to 6 hours on the road day after day. At this time of year a lot of the teams are changing colours, sponsors, brands or in fact becoming extinct  so if you look in the right places there are some good bargains to be had. My preference is Santini but for no real reason than they outfit the team I support.

Don't forget the golden rule no undies!

Warning: You can't unsee this.

I think you bottom needs to be conditioned to riding.

Some seats are really bad but if you are only going on 1 or 2 long rides per month it is likely whatever seat you have you will be uncomfortable (unless you ride a recumbent).

if you do feel the need to buy a new seat there are ways to measure your bottom so you get a seat the appropriate width.

You basically sit on a piece of special foam and they measure the width between indentations.

It is quick, painless and not at all intimate.

if you are comfortable with buying clothes over the web there is.


I would agree that bib nix are more comfortable.

+1 for bibs, and yeah budget does certainly come into it, my bellweather knicks (not bibs, are pretty comfy, though after wearing bibs i really notice to top elastic, are on good special at anaconda pretty often), I might get a trip on the ban bus for this but by far the most comfortable ones i own are my Cervo Rosso bibs (pretty pricey though), 7 hours on the saddle and its not my coight thats sore, I also often wear a pair of cheapo ebay knicks often for shorter trips (anymore than 3 hours though I wouldnt wear em), I havent put any different saddle on my bike standard one that came on my avanti, just correct adjustment and bike fit helps heaps too

I have found LOOK bibs to be a lot more comfortable (read padded) than my Santini (which are more comfortable than all my others Nalini, PI etc). But I have had some friends recommenc Assos to me which are quite expensive but I bought a pair online for around $100 to try them out

I have ridden 1000's of Kay's in Scody and sugoi bib shorts....would recommend both...time in the saddle is the only cure for a sore backside...or Htfu...rule #5..! But you get what you pay for...avoid the cheaper end of the market..but as with all riding kit..buy the best you can afford..

+1 for bibs. Bonus no pancetta elastic waists! If you are uber worrried about taking a wizz....roll up one leg and flop it out.

Give it a bit of time for your butt to get used to things first, should get used to it to a large exent.

Looked for nix for a couple of years or so & finally found one i like. When you do, stick to them unless you find a really good recommendaton. Cinettica Elite bibs for me, if they still exist? Pretty compressive fit for those not used to it.

My 'new' bike came with a saddle my butt didnt like even after a month + several hundered kms latter. So some just mighnt work for you. For me, Selle Italia (?) was no good but Fizik (Airone Wing Flex) was great. Dont be fooled by 'gel', 'soft' inserts or cutout zones.  I recon these are a bit of BS. See if you can try one out for a coule of weeks or so first before spending $100+ on a random one that might just suck as much as the one youve got.

And yeah, definitly no undies!! Unless you fancy 'discovery' the joyous saddle sore too.

I've found Craft bib Knicks are pretty good for longer rides, and DHB Knicks are good too. both available from Wiggles Bikes. As others have said, buy the best you can afford. Cheap bib Knicks are not good for longer rides. And bibs are better than waisted shorts. More comfy, and don't move as much (less friction = a happier posterior). No undies!
Assos will help to solve all problems, except for the problem of paying for them $$$. Torpedo7 has some pretty amazing prices at the moment (best prices in the world:-)) By the way bibs are best!

I wear Pearl Izumi Quest knicks, which are normally at Cell Bikes for $50-60. They look a bit like a nappy when you're off the bike, but they're the most comfortable knicks I've ever worn, especially on long rides (4 - 5 hours). Might try bibs though, given all the positive comments above. Butt cream is essential too. I've tried a few but I like '3B' cream the best, which is available from Priceline.

As others have said, it takes a while for your bum to become conditioned to riding. Also, for long rides, the worst thing you can do is use a gel cover or a softer saddle - that just spreads the pressure across more of your bum and you'll end up being numb and uncomfortable fairly quickly. Basically, you need a saddle that firmly supports your sit bones. I'd recommend a trip to a good local bike shop for some guidance. Once you get all this stuff sorted it makes such a big difference to your riding pleasure. Good luck.

thanks everyone for your replies! seems a topical subject


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