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Has there ever been a determined effort to get rid of the need to press the "beg button" at intersections, at least along bikeways?

It's pretty frustrating to come up to an intersection, where the lights are green for traffic on the road, but red for bicycles (and pedestrians) on the shared path. What should be the case, at most intersections anyway, is that when the traffic light turns green, it should be assumed that the "beg button" has been pressed and it automatically goes green for cyclists and pedestrians. If a car arrives at an intersection with a green light, it can drive through. A cyclist on the bike path in the same situation, has to press the "beg button" and wait for the traffic lights to cycle around again. Of course, what this means is many cyclists don't comply and ride through anyway, which defeats the purpose of having crossing lights in the first place.

Two particularly frustrating intersections on my commute are the cemetery entrance on West Terrace (which is very hard to ride through legally) and the lights under the Emerson Overpass (Cross Road / South Road / Seaford railway line intersection). But I'm sure there are dozens around Adelaide. So I could write (I guess to ACC for West Terrace and DPTI for Emerson overpass), but I'm wondering if some sort of general push from someone (BISA?) might also be a good idea, perhaps with a wish list of intersections.

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I'm familiar with Greenhill Rd. When we first moved here in 2017 we stayed at a place on the corner of Greenhill/Glen Osmond and those first weeks we did even more walking than we do now. That one and the next up, at Hutt/Osmond are multiple cycle crossings, and trying to cross them as best you can, I understand but it's dangerous. Even in the CBD the lights along Hutt, Pultney, K William, Morphett are ridiculous. Once we'd figured out to turn left on Sth Tce and then go through the small streets, we cut 10-15 minutes from our Osmond/Greenhill Rd to Light Sq/Currie walk. Another long wait I do frequently is at O'Connell/Brougham Pl (and I'm too tall to stand in the shade of the Curious Squire).

PS the 8 sec count was Tynte/O'Connell (not Melbourne St).

Who here remembers white dots being painted to show where best to place your bicycle to trigger the lights? It was a long time ago, probably the 1980s. And does anyone know why the practice ceased? It would certainly make cyclists' lives a little easier. I can understand reluctance to spend the money to upgrade all the sensors, but surely a little paint isn't too much to ask for?

White paint? How Kafkaesque, archaic! ACC is full of itself about smart cities etc., which means big data, AI, automation. In this case, they should literally put their money where their mouth is. It'd also be a step towards their ambitions for a carbon neutral city!

Yes I remember the dots. I think they were removed because they weren't part of the national standard and the state government would loose funding if they were not dropped. like the first painted arrow positioned at the safe stopping distance for when the lights changed. 

A good example of this is the new crossing of East Terrace at Rundle Street.  The two times I have used it  I have arrived at it to see at a green pedestrian phase, green motorist phase, but the cyclist crossing in between these two is red.  Surely the cyclist phase could be green whenever the pedestrian phase is green.

I have been through that intersection just once recently as I do not have need to go into the CBD so much of late.

Cycling along Rundle Rd heading west I (naturally) stayed on the road filtered the traffic and went to the front and cycled across when the traffic lights turned green.

I presume this behaviour is legal...

My understanding of the law is that a cyclist is not obliged to use an off-road bicycle path, therefore your riding was legal. (But it would have been illegal to claim the lane if there was an on-road cycling lane, unless you were turning right).

Ian, that is crazy. I agree: at a minimum, it should be green for cyclists at the same time as it is green for pedestrians. I can't think of any possible scenario where it is safe for pedestrians but inappropriate for cyclists in the parallel direction.

Yes, like you, I've approached the intersection on Rundle Road and just stayed on the road.  The two times I was referring to I approached from the shared use path in Rymill Park.

The traffic lights along the bike path along Frome Rd as it goes past the old RAH has the same problem. Even if you press the BEG button and there is a significant time left on the green cycle for cars heading up Frome Rd, it will not change until the next cycle. To make matters worse, after waiting for the whole cycle to cross effectively a car park entrance, if you subsequently  want to cross over Frome Rd to  Adelaide University as I do, you have to wait for another full cycle.

Yeah, I'd forgotten that one.  It really does encourage you to ride on the road.

I'm having a meeting with ACC staff later this month to discuss traffic lights.  I'll mention that one.  But it's hard to get change as the traffic lights are all sequenced in DPTI, out at Norwood.

I frequently use both (Frome St / Old RAH, and West Terrace Cemetery entrance), and while I appreciate anything Ian mentions to ACC, I feel that the West Terrace Cemetery entrance is definitely the worse of the two. I haven't timed it, but I think that compared to West Terrace Cemetery, it's green for longer and the cycle is shorter. The cemetery one is so bad (only green 21% of the time by my timing) that there's close to 0% compliance. i.e. pretty well everyone (bike or pedestrian) sees it's clear and rides/walks through red anyway.

Ok, il'll admit to being one of those cyclists that do illegal things. Those lights along Frome, the one at the zoo I stop because I'm still on the street and if that's red it's for pedestrians crossing, all the next one's unitl I cross to the Uni just before the slight uphill at Nth Tce, I ignore unless there is actual traffic coming in or out of those sides. Btw, the one at Victoria drive, does one have to stop there, the position of the light pole and the bike lane makes me think not? Crossing over Frome, the last ligt before Nth Tce almost takes longer than it does me to get there from home.


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