Any tips for getting to ML from the coast without Grand Junction Rd in the mix, I cant see an easy way that makes great sense...

Thanks in advance!

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Possible Option 1 (not done myself, but looking at maps)

Get to Port Adelaide from anywhere along the coast.

Get onto Cormack Road somehow (maybe St Vincent St E, Bedford St, Kapara Rd?)

Cormack Road seems wide enough but no bike lanes. Industrial area so expect trucks hating you for being there.

At the end of Magazine road there is an off road bike path through the wetlands. Not sure if open but Google maps shows dirt path there. Cyclocross or MTB? 

Need to get to some PedX crossings on Pt Wakefield Rd, then another path through more wetlands to Watershed Cafe.

Going up to Elder Smith road isn't too bad (be mindful of the ferals going North, but less likely in morning) or cut across to Elder drive further south of that.

I've never done that but I've ridden along Salisbury Hwy once and never again. That wasn't too bad because of the shoulder but I'd prefer not. The worst part was the turnpike from South road. The shoulder is narrow and unrideable and too dangerous to ride on the road.

Option 2

Alternatively (the safest and longest route) is to go along Linear park and join the bikeway that goes north through Galway Ave and through the Velodrome.

So there's not really an easy way, mainly because of the industrial in between.

Thanks, I am not familiar with "join the bikeway that goes north through Galway Ave and through the Velodrome," where do I find this?


forgot the name of it. now i recall its the 'levels bikeway'. another bunch of blue signs directing you through backroads.

I'm not sure if the path from the end of Magazine Road is open at the moment (it's very good gravel as I remember), but there is a temporary path running from Henschke Street that joins it further north.  The section of the path near Hungry Jack's was pretty poor when I rode it a few years ago.

If you don't mind a bit of traffic, I'd carry on to the end of Cormack Road (which is OK as it has massive parking lanes that are barely used), and then up Churchill Road North, and across into Mawson Lakes via Cross Keys Road.

Depending where you are on the coast, going via the City and using Prospect or Churchill Roads may be an option.  There are also some usable back street alternatives running parallel to these.


Cormack Rd is currently part of a sign posted detour for the missing bicycle lane on the Port River Expressway and Salisbury Highway during roadworks for the Northern Expressway junction. I've used the dirt trail off the top end of Magazine Road many times, and the sign posted sealed detour trail once. Cormack Rd is mildly hazardous on a weekday due to truck traffic but almost empty on a Sunday. There is also a portion of useful trail at the Port Adelaide end that takes you around the back of the Aviation Museum as far as Eastern Parade along an old railway easement.


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