Barriers to Cycling (pesky bollards and other barriers)

Hi all, I'm starting this thread in the hope that we can start to document the variety of bollards and furniture placed on cycle paths, that are dangerous or otherwise unnecessary and highly inconvenient.

Examples include bollards placed on blind corners, bollards that are hard to see at night due to their colouring/lack of reflective markings and objects placed on the path that make it difficult to navigate with alternative bicycles, such as those with bicycle trailers/cargo bikes/trikes for disabled riders etc.

There are of course plenty of bollards that are correctly placed, easy to see and such, but this thread is for those that aren't.

If possible, take a picture of the offending object, give a precise location and we may be able to direct the various authorities to each of the problems.

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and when contacting the authorities there are great lessons learned on what to do and not to do here:

If you want a ripping headache, try the new Jack Bobridge track between Lyndoch and Tanunda. Hazards galore and it's brand new. It includes this classic:

It's great fun, but you can't stop paying attention at any time or you're collecting something head on.

Write up from June: I rode it again last Sunday and little has changed except for some line marking and a few bits of concrete edging to reduce gravel wash.

I can imagine hitting that at high speed at night if they don't put something reflective in front of it!

I actually liked this challenge better Jilden

This was an interesting barrier on OG Road on Sunday. Quite effective too. I'll check it out tomorrow but I assume the authorities have fixed it by now.

Not really such a big deal but it does make for a tight turn to get through and is somewhat narrow. On Third Creek behind KMart Firle:

I'd guess that one is designed specifically to stop bikes using it.

always fun when there's a bus or truck next to the bike gutter

That intersection was reported using the Greens app and DPTI responded saying they had assessed the spot and agreed the bike lane needed marking out right through the intersection to the little entry to Burlington to maintain the bike space. It's not happened yet.

Gus K,

That fix is part of a larger upgrade to extend the bike lane on Galway Av back from the intersection and add a bike signal for the northbound direction (from Burlington). I expect the work will be completed this year.

Colin Maher

Cycling and Walking Section, DPTI

Awesome, I use that intersection everyday and have thought it needed some work.

Excellent Colin, thanks.

If anyone is interested in planning and the latest thinking from around Australia and the World, Hub, Traffic and Transport's excellent quarterly roundup is out. You can download it from their site or directly as a PDF here. It's got stories like The newest Dutch advice on the design of bicycle lanes at intersections.


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