I know it's a little late to post up but there was a fairly serious single bike crash on Norton Summit rd Thursday night at approx 7.45pm. I assisted at the scene until the ambo's arrived, I only know his first name, Brandon or Brendon. I assume he was taken to the RAH. I would like to contact him to see how he is doing as he was banged up pretty bad.


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I heard you guys did a great job helping out and the guy's helmet was a mess. I hope he's ok too.

Thanks for looking after the guy Alastair, you were all doing a great job trying to make him as comfortable as possible.

I hope the bloke is alright, it sounded like he was in a lot of pain.  I thought he'd only done his CB or shoulder, but I stopped about 50m away when I saw what was going on.  He was being looked after pretty well by about a dozen cyclists most with him and a few either side to stop traffic.  I spoke to a guy for a few minutes then just turned around and rolled back down fairly slowly, and saw the ambos/coppers coming up, (3 cop cars + the ambo)

I'm not sure what may have happened.  It wasn't on a technical part of the descent, up on the ridge overlooking Morialta on the slight right hander that you can safely pedal all the way through, in between the fast left that you can pedal through at 50+ and the last left turn that you need to slow down a tiny bit for as you turn off the ridge (with the old chair on the bit of rock).  I met his mate down the bottom and he looked pretty worried about it all and told me he'd flagged down one of the cops.

A mate at work (very good descender who'd done it heaps of times) did the same thing 2 months ago a bit further up towards the tree and doesn't remember what happened. The surgeon at RAH did a good job sticking him back together.

I've seen a bit too much action up in the hills lately, I saw 2 L plate motorcyclists slide into the armco rail on the right hander that tightens up a bit on the Montacute descent last Thursday right in front of me as I was creeping up, they were fine, the bikes weren't and they had to call their parents pretty sheepishly to ask for both a trailer and a shovel to dig out one of the bikes.


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