Bad accident at the Tollgate/Freeway at 5pm today (Fri, 8 Dec 11)

Hi all,

bad looking accident at the tollgate today: A truck took out a cyclist right at the lights when coming down.

I must have gotten there about a minute or two later. I think the cyclists is alive, and from the distance it looked like he was conscious and responsive, so migh not be too bad.

But gee, his bicycle is a mess! It got under the wheels of the truck and got dragged along for some 50 m or so. Judging by the look of the bike, this guy should consider himself very luck to be alive.

I took some photos, so if the cyclists ever needs any back-up evidence, he can contact me. But like I said, I only got there a short time after, so I actually didn't see what exactly happened myself.

Take it easy out there when cycling these days. Too many alcohol fuelled Xmas parties everywhere now.

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A bad location that. 

Incompetent traffic engineering to end the bike path such that users have to cross 6 lanes of fast moving traffic without protection to continue their journeys.

I agree wholeheartedly with this.  

BTW it is the Fri 9th Dec today - I guess you mean it happened Thur 8th Dec.

Its not an actual bike path.

Its a shared zone,

That means it should continue all the way to the crossing.


Rhino, thanks for thinking to take photos for the cyclist. Hope he recovers.

David, I have not cycled there, but now recollect a complaint from years ago. Can you explain in detail the layout, and also any suggestions on how it might be improved? We might be able to lobby to improve the design and decrease the chance of a cyclist coming to grief here.

According to, 3 travel / traffic lanes going uphill, 5 lanes going downhill, and one lane going downhill and left / west into Cross Roads.

Pretty well summed it up, its nuts really, there's no way they'd let pedestrians have to cross there, so why should riders be forced to, extend the bike path down the northern side all the way to the lights would fix it and make it much safer, hope whoever it is , is OK.

However having said that it looks more like they had already crossed and were waiting at the lights, possibly turning right.

Did hear about that on the radio.

Wow that bike is a mess. Lucky they are alive after that. 

Is that a bike is it.....wouldnt have guessed it, what a mess :( too many accidents lately....hope the cyclist recovers alright

That intersection is one I always do a hook turn to go right onto Portrush Rd. Its suicidal trying to get across to the right hand turn lanes on a bike with all the heavy traffic there. 

(By hook turn I mean I stay left and follow the traffic straight, stopping at the pedestrian crossing and join the traffic waiting to get onto Portrush Rd from Cross Rd).


I usually get across the 5 lanes (eventually) then it's relatively safe heading straight down Cross Rd. However, last week I had to do a right turn onto Portrush to get back to my car at Stoneyfell. Never again! I'll be doing a hook turn next time. With all the traffic queued up I couldn't even see any road markings indicating which lanes went where. ( A hook turn to turn right into Greenhill from Portrush was the only viable option).

I knew at Crafers that heading up to Lofty then across to Nortons was the safest route, but I simpy didn't have the legs left after a big day out. I agree with Matt Jones, and I have been thinking myself for quite some time, that the bike track really needs to continue through to the traffic lights. Way too logical for Adelaide - let's build a world first one way expressway - civil engineers?

I wish the cyclist all the best for a speedy recovery. That bike photo really doesn't look good :-(


Rant warning!

I have no idea how the powers that be conceived of a one way expressway in the first place. It inevitably meant that there would be entries and exits involving the right (fast) lane. I have had several UK visitors over the years since the expressway was built and they invariably hire a car to go to Victor or Carrickalinga. I always pre-warn them about the Expressway farce and add that when they exit and the speed sign says 80kph then beware because there is usually an roundabout 100m up the road (at 80, I don't think so!). I also have to warn them that they can legally be overtaken on a lane to their left (illegal in the UK and rightly so). I also implore them not to bother honking and flashing someone dawdling along in the right (fast) lane as it is the expected norm here despite the "keep left unless overtaking" signs - ha!

Dawdle in the fast lane of a UK motorway and you will get educated very quickly! Overtake on the left of another vehicle at your peril. Find an exit/entry on the right lane and you must be waaaaay over the alcohol limit.

If the SA brains trust ever realise that they have a single digit IQ, then we can only hope that they will have the sense to stop trying to think and simply copy a system that works reasonably well in the civilised world.

In the mean time, pardon me for having no faith whatsoever in the ability of said same morons to design bicycle lanes and paths to keep me "safe". The next cyclist to give me a dressing down about driving as far as possible out of town before getting on a bike should expect an abridged version of this, at best.

Rant over.


+1 for hook turns from the freeway to portrush rd!!


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