I thought double locking my bike on North Terrace would prevent it from being stolen, seems I was wrong.

Its a 2011 Avanti KISS 29 inch, single speed, rigid MTB, dark grey with anodized blue bar ends and purple hubs, and black metal platform pedals instead of the stock clipless jobbies.  Large frame

I only picked it up a fortnight ago so I'm a bit cut that someone has decided they'd rather steal mine than buy their own, but at least the retard did it in front of a security camera

Theres a carton it it for help that leads to the bike being recovered.

Thanks, Adam

0412 398 804

Looks the same as this 


Sticks out in a crowd of other bikes around town

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I'd be happy to have a go at converting the vid to a format suitable for youtube however I'd be surprised if it were small enough to email - how many MB is the file?

Probably need to simply hand you a usb stick to save it to, we could even call it "bicycle net" (as opposed to "sneaker net") as no doubt we can cycle to a rendezvous!!
Adam, I would be interested in seeing the film of how quickly these **** work, but paying attention to Angus' words, AFTER the thief is convicted.
As you no doubt know Heather there was a post to the NT-BUG this week or last about someone who interrupted a person lurking around the bike racks near the Mawson Labs at the University for Adelaide and when they got home they noticed their cable was 3/4 sawn through. Definitely bicycle thieves out there!

I am suprised walking around the University of Adelaide campus how badly locked up some of the bikes are. New bikes with single cables that are about 5mm thick and look like they were bought in woolies.
After he has his day in court I'll give it to someone, its only 8 meg so easy to email.

I've been looking at the locks other people are using the last couple of weeks aswell, some of them are laughable. I thought I had two decent cable locks on mine, but the one he cut through appeared to provide no resistance
Michael, I am a member of the North Terrace Precinct BUG, like you, but I cannot see the posting there. Can you remedy this?

I have long known there is a problem with theft of bicycles and parts near North Terrace. Some years back I did an analysis of Adelaide City Bicycle Parking & Theft and spoke to a uni security officer. A tempting locale when many bikes parked for long hours. Would a locked cage with locked bicycles inside be an improvement? Would the uni provide the space, money and time for this to work?

It was an email from http://list.adelaide.edu.au/mailman/listinfo/bug-ntp-v. I don't think I should copy it into the group here as it wasn't an email from me.

On the bike cage situation there are a number of locked cages on the campus but during teaching time they are really busy. We had hoped or another one as part of the Innova development as that was a "green" building but all we got was a lot of fairly flimsy bike racks.
OK Michael, explains why the info is not posted at NTP BUG.

A 'green' building project that does not include secure bicycle parking to encourage sustainable transport!

You are a member of NTP BUG. Perhaps you cost post requests there, and test the waters as to if cyclists will support the coordinator in asking for more secure bicycle parking.


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