I thought double locking my bike on North Terrace would prevent it from being stolen, seems I was wrong.

Its a 2011 Avanti KISS 29 inch, single speed, rigid MTB, dark grey with anodized blue bar ends and purple hubs, and black metal platform pedals instead of the stock clipless jobbies.  Large frame

I only picked it up a fortnight ago so I'm a bit cut that someone has decided they'd rather steal mine than buy their own, but at least the retard did it in front of a security camera

Theres a carton it it for help that leads to the bike being recovered.

Thanks, Adam

0412 398 804

Looks the same as this 


Sticks out in a crowd of other bikes around town

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Really sorry to hear this -- what a pain! Nice looking bike. I hope the security camera has got something and you get it back.

How did they get through the locks ?

Not nice. :-( I don't get theft. I just don't get it. Is it REALLY worth it? (That was rhetorical)
Bolt cutters I think, and the guy was really fast and bold, no looking around, just in and out. Front Kryptonite was just wheel to frame, so he cut the rear one and walked it off across North Terrace up on the back wheel
HI Adam

Sorry to hear about this. There are surveillance cameras around there so the police might be able to help.

Anywhere near Uni on North Terrace is a haven for bike thieves, and they are fast, and well equipped. We've had bikes stolen from outside the front door of our busy building - once or twice a year for every year I have been there. The thieves carry bolt cutters and have made of with bikes locked with decent D-locks. They seem to work in teams too as our security guys have chased pairs of bike thieves in the past. Sadly, if you have a bike that you don't want stolen, you simply cant leave it alone in that part of town, locked or otherwise.

I'll keep an eye out for it...fixies and single speeds are still a bit of a novelty item.
Shouldn't the U-lock/Kryptonite be around the frame/back wheel/pole and the cable be around the wheel/s and frame?

Seems the strongest lock should be around the most expensive bit... the frame.

Sorry to point this out after the event.
Yeah, the Kryptonite was a new purchase a few weeks ago, it was one of the short ones that only reaches around the front wheel and frame, I thought that the rear cable was of decent quality, seems not. I bought a Kryptonite New York U-Lock today, should have grabbed another short Kryptonite cable while I was there now I think about it.

I'm kind of glad I didn't buy the Singular Swift I was looking at before deciding to get the KISS as a test to see if I liked ss mtb, it would have been heartbreaking to lose that
There was a vid on here some time ago where this guy showed what he considered the best way to lock a bike and it was the U-lock through back wheel, frame and around your concreted locking bay, and he used that as the lock for a cable with 'o' ends. That was run through the front wheel and frame and connected to the U-lock.

Sounds like you need a beer/Uni bike as well as your good one.
Let's hope that this cycling forum, plus the security footage, track down your bike and the thief.

Is there any way of posting the security footage of the incident on AC? ACC or SAPOL may not want the footage made public, but it would sure be a deterrent to let 1000+ cyclists view it.
Was that the video with the ummm kind of eccentric New Yorker going around rating how well people had their bikes locked up, then showed how he did it? I haven't found a decent version of that o ended cable, that was why I bought the short Kryptonite.

re the footage, it would be good to put it up to show how quickly these buggers can take a bike, but it would also let the thief know just what footage the police have if they were to stumble on it on youtube. I'm still waiting to get a copy of that section of the camera footage.

This was my new work commuter, I was sick of getting punctures from the sheer amount of glass shards on streets in the city on my roadies and wanted something that could be fun on the weekends.

I might go back to riding my Raleigh if I can find some new cotter pins for it

I got a call from a policeman yesterday, he said that they had found my bike and that the guy had been caught and faced court that morning to be charged. Apparently he had kept it for around a week then pawned it at Cashies Ingle Farm, so I'm hoping it was pinching my bike that got him caught since I gave them the security footage of him doing it, and it sounds like he has been done for a whole lot of stuff because he was refused bail yesterday.

I'll be able to pick the bike up from the police on Tuesday, pretty good result, I'd gotten to the point of considering it gone for ever.

I tried uploading the footage to youtube but it didn't like the format, but if someone is able to do something to the video so it can be put up to show how quickly these guys can walk away with our stuff I'm happy to email it
Great outcome, glad you got your bike back!
Great news. You mean you have security footage of the theft? Firstly you need to be able to get it onto YouTube to then put it on Adelaide Cyclists. Secondly if the person is clearly identifiable, ie his face is clear, then you could put the case against him at risk by prejudicing the court hearing and showing evidence. So I would say don't but instead to everyone who would be interested watch Hal's tips on locking your bike here and read tip from a bike thief on how not to get your bike stolen from the Guardian Bike Blog here.

I'm glad everything worked out.


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