A group of Australians have gone on a study tour to the Netherlands to see how the Dutch masters do it. There is a great post summarising it all on David Hembrow's site. It's well worth a look. We could learn a thing or two, particularly how "the average age at which children are considered to be able to travel independently is about 8 and a half."

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Edward, hope you keep AC informed of the future Australian report.

I will do that. They have their own webite but I will try and find or write a summary. Have a look at their latest video here.


I have added the link at Adelaide BUG where some ACC elected member or staff may see it. Will also include the link in the next Prospect BUG newsletter, and send to some Prospect councillors. AC is good for imparting info.
Great. It would be good if some Prospect and ACC Councillors went on the same study trip.

This is a very interesting project. It is 'crowdfunded' - where the community were invited to donate/ help fund the trip. I put in a small amount.  It was made up of 15 or so people that were chosen for their interest and commitment to cycling as transport.

The main organiser of the trip is Paul from Gazelle BIcycles Australia and Basil Bags who is a supporter of this site. It's nice that someone who talks the talk, walks the walk!


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