I’ve never been to Auckland. Cycling advocates have ongoing battles however there seems to be good leadership and support within some sections of government.


Difficult to imagine the same language being used here.

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Yes - it's qualitatively very different isn't it. Thinking that's coming from a different place. I was at the 2017 Walking & Cycling Conference here in Adelaide as a helper and I was struck by the examples of excellent Active Transport thinking evident in Newcastle (NSW) and Auckland with papers delivered on planning for both cities. If you want to really see something mind-blowing get onto google and search for 'Te Ara I Whiti Auckland' or 'Auckland light path'! The Light Path has put a smallish city at the bottom of the world up there with Barcelona and London in terms of imaginative architectural thinking! I'm also impressed by Copenhagen's 'Snake' bikeway (see attached) as a solution for central city bike access...



My my! Imagine that at full flight with those glass walls!

Every time i go back to Auckland I get more and more envious of everything they've done in the last 10 years or so for cyclists. From all the beautiful (continuous) cycle lanes on relatively busy roads to the Lightpath running through the center of Auckland, to the wide shared paths alongside the busier motorways... makes some of the cycling lanes in Adelaide look like gutters.  In saying that, there doesn't seem to be as much attention to making new laws (like the 1 metre rule, here). No one there use bells and are not mandatory for bikes and rarely do people warn pedestrians. So i guess there are some things that are still nicer here :P



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