Interesting article in the Sydney Morning Herald regarding "Everesting" - the accumulation of over 8800 metres of ascent - i.e. the height of Everest - in one continuous ride.

Beyond me. Around 4200m is my most in one day - and I was in no position to double it at the end of the ride - but within the grasp of some here I'm sure.

According to the unofficial hall of fame there's no SA completion yet - so if you get your skates on and do (by my calc) about:

15 reps of Greenhill to Lofty (approx 300km up and back)

38 reps of Coach Road Norwood (182km)

33 reps of Norton Summit (370km)

40 reps of Corkscrew (200km)

You'll be in the record books. Here is the account by George Mallory (great-grandson of the legendary Mallory that perished on Everest) of the first "Everesting" of Mt Donna Buang back in 1994

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theres been a couple guys locally think one got to 11/15 greenhills before pin pulled, and another 20something of nortons, that was also mechanical failure, but I think completion chances werent looking great already.

we know harley can climb with enough bananas on board to last him the day, so i reckon he should give it a go

is your calcs of corkscrew, bridge to top or whole road?


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