Around The Bay done and dusted!

Rode with the missus whose furthest distance to date was about 60 km. She smashed it - with riding to and from the start we did 220 km at an average speed of 24.0 kilometres per hour.

We both really enjoyed it, despite a few hero drivers wanting to show off their cages and some booby traps (seriously - more on this later). No falls, no punctures, no dehydration induced rictus, no worries!

Any other ATB riders out there?

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Also back from ATB. Rode 210k at an average of 26.3. Enjoyed the occassion and the experience of another long ride. (Have ridden Sydney to Surfers tn 2004 and Sydney to Melbourne in 2006 both in 7 days) We raised money for Kids Cancer Research. Can recommend the ride but watch out for the Feral riders who think they are in some sort of 'crash and bash race'. But it takes all types.
PS I heard from a friend in Melbourne today that 'tacks' had been spread over the bike lane leading into Frankston, hence the number of punctures along that stretch.
PPS I am 64 years old so feeling a bit proud of myself.
Congrats to all of those who participated.
Good to hear, Derek.

You made good time, regardless of age, so you have every right to be proud.

I heard about the tacks as well - I really can't understand it. I guess that the best strategy is just to keep challenging thoughtless motorist's concept of 'freedom'.

Well done to you and the other ATB riders.

Hi, also back from ATB, registered for the 250km, but ended up settling for the 220km (sold as 210km!), due to injury! Pulled up lame last weekend after a 100km bike ride, and masseuse Friday night at Alexander Gardens told me I had a tear in my ITB. Hmm, that could explain why I had been limping all week!! 80km in on Sunday, and I was in all sorts of strife, so took the shortcut! Limped across the line averaging 26km/h according to my GPS, and straight back to the motel for hot shower and emu oil!

It was on ok ride, can tick it off the list, but was not happy with poorly lit start area, and no real pa's that we could hear. Disappointed we had to stop at every red light, would have been nice to have a clean roll out to the bridge. Found it all very odd that there was no deregistering at the finish!! How many cyclists were left lying in the gutter at the end of the day, that they just did not know about???? Was also concerned with the number of accidents! Wow, certainly not used to seeing that many riders falling in a community event!!

I was one of he lucky ones to pick up a tack also, although one of my mates got three!

Riding this event made me realise just how spoiled we are here in Adelaide with all of the BikeSA run events, and their team of exceptional volunteers!

Here's hoping Amy's Ride goes just as well this year as last, although still have to wait for verdict of physio before I am guaranteed of starting!!

Well done to all the superstars who attended though!
I'd agree that the organisation was below par, Mark.

My main concern was lack of signage coming back in to Melbourne! The West Gate Bridge closed before we arrived, so we had to take the alternate route, which resulted in some confusion. The lack of deregistration was also concerning.

That said, the ride itself is a good one, the stops were well staffed and the weather was perfect.

I hope your ligaments are back in business for Amy's ride!



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