I got a good deal on some bar ends the other day... put them on and went for a ride..


Next day, someone has since managed to knock my bike over and scratch one of them - enough to annoy me.   I wouldn't mind so much if i did it while out enjoying myself.


I've since put a piece of electrical tape over the main bit, but ive had to turn them so the logos are upside down.  maybe ill put some black paint over them.. or bar tape.. or stupid reflective tape.. or ill just get over it.


please tell me everyone else has scratched bar ends

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Are you kidding us? Are you in in one of those leet clubs or something?

I've got a couple of mountain bikes and the bar ends always get scratched on the first day. That's why i put them on, more for protection than a handy extra hand grip. They protect my $$ levers, speedo, etc from getting scratched instead. Most particularly this is while the bike upside down getting a flat fixed.

the paint and anodising comes off with general wear and tear even leaning againt walls. So the wear and the marks on bar ends tell the story of the bike and yourself. .. my favourite MTB has the bar ends that came on my bike in 1993 this my choice to keep them on my newer bike.

A bit like an antique table has marks .. I like the patina of scratches on my bar ends but not my bike.



Yep, my bar ends bounced nicely of the idiot driveer that ran into me last year....scars of battle.

bar ends are made for scratching.  Don't put electrical tape on scratches as it might retain water and make it worse.

scratch on the frame? that's a different matter...maybe car touch up paint.

cool... i think im just being picky.  probably cos the bars are better than the rest of the bike

My Hillbrick got scratched two weeks into her time with me. I wasn't happy at the time, now it's just part of the patina that shows she's being ridden instead of being preened for show pony duties. Mind you, I prefer the places where the panniers have worn the paint off the carrier.


A bike's got to have its scratches and chips to work properly. The best is a blood stain while assembling her but accidental damage (prerably not your fault) soon after works too.

Its post like this that really put life into perspective. Here I was worrying about silly things like when will I be able to get my new seat post.

Condolences on the bar ends Stig. Hope it works out


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