Are you allowed to ride in bus lanes?

I stopped at a T-junction yesterday (see photo ) and as I was waiting for a green light a Bus pulled up and the driver opened the door and say he would hit me if I didnt move because I was in his bus lane and he has right of way.

I promptly told him that in the absence of a bike lane cyclists legally have to ride as close to left as possible, and he has to wait until i have a green light.

After I calmly rode away with him yelling F  head at me, but I began to think was I in the wrong spot.

I thought cyclist are meant to ride in bus lanes? otherwise west tce and Grenfell st would be death traps?

red bike indicates where I had stopped. note the road wasnt empty like this, there was a heap of cars and trucks stopped at the time.

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Addressed previously on this forum. Link

Updated Cycling and the Law info, accessed from here:

You are permitted to ride in bus lanes; however you should not
obstruct a bus using the lane and ride as close as reasonably
practicable to the left side of the bus lane.
You are not permitted to ride in a Bus Only Lane. These lanes
are usually coloured red and in South Australia most have a
bicycle lane adjacent for bicycle riders to ride in.
When there is a separate signal for buses (a white ‘B’ light)
at an intersection, you must allow the bus to proceed on that
signal. It is illegal for any other vehicle, including a bicycle, to
proceed on the white ‘B’ light.

thanks for the info, there's no BUS ONLY sign so legally I was allowed there but it also states the bus was legally allowed to hit me.

I might need to address this with ACC, its possibly a design flaw.

It looks like your picture shows King William Road northbound at the intersection of Victoria Drive. The picture just cuts off the words BUS ONLY that are painted in white on the red lane. Being a bus only lane, not a bus lane, cyclists are not allowed to ride there.

In South Australia, yes.

Under South Australian legislation - Road Traffic (Road Rules - Ancillary and Miscellaneous Provisions) Regulations 2014

12—Vehicles permitted in bus lanes
For the purposes of rule 158(2) (Exceptions to driving in special purpose lanes etc) the
driver of any of the following vehicles is permitted to drive in a bus lane, other than a
bus lane or portion of a bus lane referred to in regulation 13:
(a) a taxi;
(b) a bicycle;
(c) a bus other than a public bus.

It is a 'bus only' lane, as per the painted words. The red colour is an indicator, although I do not know if the red colour only (without words) is sufficient to indicate a 'bus only' lane. There is an extra traffic light phase when buses only can do a U-turn, so a cyclist could delay a bus. An alternative is to cycle a short distance on the footpath.

I do not recall the year, but before AC forum when Adl BUG met in person . . . Public bus routes were contracted out, so some bus routes then terminated in the CBD and buses did a U-turn. To facilitate this, the pictured bus-only lane was squeezed in, by narrowing one or more traffic lanes. Adl BUG in vain pointed out that the selected location would leave no space for cyclists.

>say he would hit me if I didnt move because I was in his bus lane and he has right of way.

The bus driver seems to be conflating two different things:- 1. His right of way 2. His right to hit you.

I don't think he ever has the right to hit you no matter what his right of way.

What was his (hopefully) eponymous bus lane named?

In as much as red bus lanes are bus only for the driver to step out and say he is going to hit you if you don't get out of the way is unacceptable. Yelling expletives really showing lack of professionalism, loss of control, anger.

Where does the simple act of "sorry you are in the wrong place could you please move?" get lost?


This is probably a case where either (1) a bike lane is allocated on the general road space, (2) a bike symbol is painted in the left-most general traffic lane, or (3) part of an already wide footpath needs to be reserved as a bike lane. Anything less than one of these three options is totally unacceptable.

This is a slightly unusual intersection in that the "bus only" lane exists only for about 50m before the traffic light, and does not continue beyond it. Its purpose is so that buses can do a U-turn from the far left lane (they get their own traffic signal to do this).

It's doubly frustrating for the bus driver because the bike in the way can mean they miss an entire traffic light cycle.

So a cyclist should be in the next lane over (i.e. the leftmost non-red lane). That will put them in the leftmost lane once they cross the traffic lights. (Or ride on the footpath, which is nice and wide).

Yes cyclist should be force up to the footpath or into their own lane like this.


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