Was recently reading Cycling Tips blog post on To Shave or Not to Shave? . An excellent write up and finally gives the proper answer on why to shave - because its PRO - shows commitment to your sport :)


One of the points raised though was interesting about whether to use a Male or Female shaver for leg shaving. They suggest using a Female razor as they are designed for shaving legs.


What type of razor are you using? Are any blokes using female razors? (are they better at the task?)

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Triple blade Gillette.  Just need take it easy with a new blade or your legs will end up looking like Norman Gunston's face (and he used an electric razor)


got some knicks on my angles when i first started to shave - took forever for the flow to stop
had a slight bone fragment there .. now start further back
I use a female razor, becaue I find it is shaped better to hold while doing long vertical strokes; mens razors are designed to move in the hand as they go over the contours of your face.
just wax 'em!
when I used to do it I just used electric hair clippers. No one can see the stubble and it saves bleeding to death in the shower :-)
Apparently the best way to shave is to do it in the bath :)
You may not be able to see the stubble, but I'm sure my wife would be complaining about how it feels though.

Female shaver disposable has the little lube strip on it.  Just take it easy around the ankles and knees...


They will feel devine and silky afterwards.  At least your partner will think so....

My fiance actually prefers to use mens razors, cant remember what brand.  But I think it has more to do with the handle shape she prefers over the womens ones.  I just use whatever she has bought.


A good tip in that article that I tried out was to use long strokes then run the razor back down your leg, it helps to clear out the hair stuck in blades.  Worked quite well

Real men get them waxed!!!! :o) Only 10 minutes of pain once a month-6 weeks.
next they'll be askin' if lipstick makes better lip protector O_o


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