ANYTHING GOES FUN RIDE >>> Gawler Wheelers Group Ride Report: Saturday October 26th 2013




No. of Riders : 62




ELAINE & PAUL...(All phone numbers available on request.)

62 happy little vegemites participated in this morning’s Gawler Wheelers 53km ANYTHING GOES FUN RIDE. We warmly welcomed today’s GW newbies: Nicole, Paul, Kingsley, Carla, Haydn, Steve, Colin, Glen, Renee and Dave.

It was a fantastic GW event….just fun fun fun. You will hear more about the morning’s GW experience from the riders over the coming days so please keep checking in to AC.

CONGRATULATIONS  to the winners of today’s GW ANYTHING GOES FUN RIDE prizes:

Andrea won the BEST FEMALE COSTUME award.

Peter won the BEST MALE COSTUME award

Goggles won the BEST BIKE award

Frank won the HARD LUCK award…I got today’s puncture!!

We arrived back at Café Farina’s around 10.00am and the fun just continued on for the next couple of hours. THANK YOU to everyone who rode with us today…we loves yous all.

NEXT WEEK: We will be holding two UNDULATING rides. One will be over 100km and the other a 60km ride. Details will be posted on AC Events and YOU….yes YOU ….are welcome to attend.


Couple of other important matters:

1.Karen specifically requested that we post some shagging music?? OK Karen!

2. We are ALWAYS in awe of how well the GW FEMALES ride.


So, to cover off both of above please enjoy:


SHAGGY - "Strength Of A Woman"



Newbie Carla on her first GW ride

Richie >> Tell us about this bike you built!

Craig got his new bike! Tell us more Craig!

Carla, Phil, Vanessa and Linda

Batman joined us ......with Linda

Juz and Wilson...ready to ride...I think?

Andrea came straight from bed..winner of BEST FEMALE COSTUME

Andrea tell us about the friend that you brought along!

Newbie Steve(L)..... with his GW mate Norm

Peter won the BEST MALE COSTUME award. number pls

Newbie Colinoem2L7UWBi2DaXMwpIirMFQ8Or6i3fUwtyle="color: #800080;" class="font-size-3">

Being Italian, I was really chuffed to see Al Capone ride with us today

Is that you Spartacus???

Chris….out from Yatala on a “day pass”.

Newbie Renee…what a wonderful lady!

Karen >> “Frank give me some shagging music please!” OK KAREN!

Linda and Vanessa….”strength of a woman”

Today’s Trivia Question: Who in the h*ll rode with this helmet?

Newbie Renee...... obviously in awe of Parko!

Al Capone leading the “family” on today's ride

Chris leading the Yatala team

Curtis Road Regroup

We met Chad and Corina on our ride

Dave and Paul with their electric bikes. Tell us more about the bikes guys!

A lot of fantastic costumes today. Sample below

…and what about these kits!

Bagpipes and Kilts…OH YES YES!

Scott had a major accident a few weeks ago. He is feeling really down (not that you can tell from the photo)  as he will be off the bike for a few months. Joined us for a coffee today. Say hi to him please and cheer him up.

My good friend Wilson about to announce the prize winners

Goggles won the BEST BIKE award.

My sort of bike GW Member !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wilson presenting Frank with his HARD LUCK award :-)

Vanessa did you have vegemite on that?

Karen likes running most Saturdays…."give me Shaggy music"! she said!


Wilson Devo rode his single speed today aka “LESS GEARS ...…MORE BEERS”.

Thanks for all you do for GW Wilson...we all love you!


Finally good friends, ............we would like to acknowledge another very special birthday.

VEGEMITE celebrated its  90th birthday this week. We would like to hear about how YOU like your vegemite. Personally I like my poached eggs on toast with a thin spread of vegemite. YOU???



Gawler Wheelers is all about comradeship, fun, fitness and chasing our dreams. Join the GW group on AC. Come on our rides. Contact details below. Until next week >> Cheers for now...Frank.


Gawler Wheelers: Gawler Australia Day Community Group of the Year 2013

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I remember having Vegemite Broth at home, in bed, after I came out of hospital from having my tonsils out (1956).

...and what was the Vegemite Broth like David?


Salty weak soup.

Vegemite (less salty these days) is still useful as a flavour and salt base for soups and stews, boiled rice etc.  Also can be used on bread and butter!

Frank, the track is "We can't stop" - Miley Cyrus.

Very cool :)

good job Andrew,my daughter was singing along to Miley as she watched it.

Good stuff Andrew..Good day out by all..Thanks for that video mate

Thank you for the video Andrew.

Here is a clip pf the backing track. VIEWER DISCRETION RECOMMENDED.


Miley Cyrus - We Can't Stop


Great vid mate - looks like it was alot of fun :)

What a fun ride today. There were some terrific costumes. Was lucky enough to win best female costume thanks guys the wine will go down a treat. My little passenger enjoyed the ride was such a good girl lol. A big thank you again for all the help I have been getting. Can only get better with practise. Funny thing is I have another costume party tonight, halloween is the theme at least I don't have to travel far to get a drink.

Enjoy the wine Andrea!



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