Hi everyone.


The reason for my post is I am intending to ride from home in Hewett (Gawler) to Port Vincent on the Yorke Peninsula come December 29th. This will be the second consecutive year I will be undertaking this journey. The reason for my post is that I am extending an invitation for others to ride with me from any meeting point of their choosing.


I will be travelling from home to Malalla, Balakalava, Pt Wakefield, Ardrossan and finally Pt Vincent. Stops will be at the Ardrossan turnoff (100km / top of the gulf) and Ardrossan (147km). This I must say is a mostly flat run.


This is great training for the Bupa Challenge and with less than a month to go it comes at a time when just when your training should have peaked and are about to cut back on the bigger training runs. It also works off the Christmas Pudd in time for New Year indulgence.


My run will start around 5.45 - 6.00 a.m. and will be around 190 kms at an intended average of 28 - 30 kms per hour. Last years average was at just over 28 kph but as I hadn't done that particular ride in around 20 years I was keeping a bit in reserve.


Let me know if you are interested in all or part of the ride and we will work something out. Of course if it is going to be 35C or above then the whole thing may have to be re-thunk.

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Hi, this is still on the plan so if you are still interested add me as a friend on AC and I'll be in touch soon. I will be leaving Gawler at 5:45 or thereabouts on Thursday morning.

Hi Dale,

Sorry to let you know but I cannot ride with you. I competed in a triathlon on Dec 4 and unfortunately have had bronchitis ever since. Only just back on the bike yesterday for the first time doing 30 kms per day atm so the big ride may not be the best remedy for me. Was extremely keen though. .I got my new bike 2 months ago and have only done a few hundred kms on it!!

Thats no problem, hope your bronchitis clears up.

I have added under the group Look For Cyclists some links to cycling incidents reported on AC.
An invite to join this group and post incidents and your own experiences.

good luck Dale, and like i said sat morning, just take it easy and stay safe, we need ya back at GW's next year. Hope ya can post on how ya went when ya get over there, otherwise talk soon.

I passed you whilst coming home today at about 10.30am on a downhill section 10 kms south of Ardrossan. Hope you made it to your destination after what would have been great ride.

Hi Justin, where you saw me that would have been just after the south bound overtaking lane out of Ardrossan I'm guessing.

For anyone who is at all interested on how this went; I left home at 5:30 am on Thurs 29th. Quite fresh that time of the morning and only wearing a flimsy tri-suit and shorty gloves but warmed up by the time I reached Mallala @ around 6:30. Found the going a bit tough from Mallala to Balaklava, not sure for what reason, but by the time I reached the Hamley Bridge / Owen turn-off the run into Balaklava got easier. Balaklava to Pt Wakefield wasn't too bad, light traffic reasonable help from a light southeasterly and reached Pt Wakefield before some people were out of bed. Short run from Pt Wakefield up to the top of the gulf and the Ardrossan turn-off where a planned rest break was taken at exactly the 100km mark for an average speed of nearly 33kmph. Hydrate, eat a handful of lollies and take the shoes off to rest the toes; 10 minutes - all done and on my way again.

Turning south to cycle the last 86km leg down the coast and surprise, surprise (not) the aforementioned southeasterly had freshened and was going to impede progress slightly. Once again only light traffic along the stretch from the Ardrossan turn-off to Pt Clinton. My other half passed me in the car 10kms north of Ardrossan and I indicated to her I was okay and pushed on with about 50kms to go. My cycle computer mount decided it had had enough before I got to Pine Point and dumped the computer on the road which I quickly turned around, retrieved and placed in my bum bag; fortunately the computer is GPS based so it continued to record. I took the time to stretch a little and rationalise my fluid supplies down from 4 partially full bottles down to 2.

Just after Pt Julia turn-off I spotted a cyclist coming the other way and as it turned out it was my sister-in-law Michele who had ridden out from Pt Vincent thinking she may catch me along the way. So for the last 10km run into Pt Vincent I had a companion, trouble is Michele had only done 10 - 11 km when she got to me and was fresh as a daisy and even though a couple of times I overtook to take the wind eventually I succumbed to taking her wheel and cruising on into Pt Vincent arriving at around 11:45 before the day started to warm up and having spent 185.8kms and 6:08 in the saddle for an average of a bit over 30kmph, a pretty good day out by my standards and about 2kmph quicker than I have averaged on either of my past 2 journeys over the same route.

Great write-up Dale! Man, Im so itching to give a endurance run a go after hearing this adventure of yours.

What a blimen legend...Fair dinkum! =D

Seeya on saturday M8, if you still got it in ya!

Thanks Mathew - I'll be there no problem.

NIce one Dale.

Fantastic Ave Speed over that distance ( any distance in fact ! )

Makes me feel knackered just reading it ...

Excellent effort Dale....well done mate. My the way from what I have seen of her I reckon Michelle would give you a run for your money over the full distance!!! See you Saturday ...look forward you to telling us about the fishing etc......over a beer or two!! YES....THE GAWLER WHEELERS ARE BACK THIS WEEK!!!

Thanks Frank. A nice ride it was but it will be nicer to be back with GW this week.


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