Hi everyone.


The reason for my post is I am intending to ride from home in Hewett (Gawler) to Port Vincent on the Yorke Peninsula come December 29th. This will be the second consecutive year I will be undertaking this journey. The reason for my post is that I am extending an invitation for others to ride with me from any meeting point of their choosing.


I will be travelling from home to Malalla, Balakalava, Pt Wakefield, Ardrossan and finally Pt Vincent. Stops will be at the Ardrossan turnoff (100km / top of the gulf) and Ardrossan (147km). This I must say is a mostly flat run.


This is great training for the Bupa Challenge and with less than a month to go it comes at a time when just when your training should have peaked and are about to cut back on the bigger training runs. It also works off the Christmas Pudd in time for New Year indulgence.


My run will start around 5.45 - 6.00 a.m. and will be around 190 kms at an intended average of 28 - 30 kms per hour. Last years average was at just over 28 kph but as I hadn't done that particular ride in around 20 years I was keeping a bit in reserve.


Let me know if you are interested in all or part of the ride and we will work something out. Of course if it is going to be 35C or above then the whole thing may have to be re-thunk.

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How and when are you coming back. Im spending xmas over there so maybe a return ride?

One way only sorry Justin but I'm sure you would get some takers for a return leg.

As someone who knows that road extremely well (formerly from YP), can I caution you that the coast road from Pt Wakefield to Vincent will be extremely busy at that time of year with (a) holiday traffic, and (b) grain-carting trucks...

Thanks Belinda. If it was Dec 26th or Dec 31st then I'd be more concerned. I am aware of the volume of traffic that road sometimes has on it, especially holiday makers scrambling to their destinations in both directions. It wasn't too bad last year and I don't see that changing much considering I am cycling on the same date this year. Grain trucks - well, I hope the bulk of the harvest is out of the road by then and most of those guys are pretty good.

Yep, its actually grain trucks at that time of year that are the biggest concern. And that all depends on the weather whether or not harvest is done by then, and when Ardrossan and Port Giles are open during the xmas/new year break... fingers crossed its largely over by then, but might not be. I often ride Southern Yorke Peninsula during that week and even though the trucks usually give you a wide berth, shoulders are rare, and trucks overtaking you at 100km/hr+ fully-laden is not something I enjoy - even on the back roads.

Agree with that. Some years ago my wife and I riode from Tea Tree Gully to Edithburgh. The back roads to Gawler then to Port Wakefield were fine, but at the time the grain harvest was in full swing and it scared the hell out of both of us going between PW and Ardrossan. The trucks do not stop for anyone. Very dangerous and I wouldnt do it again unless the trucks had finished their runs.



Thats all true but sometimes you can either lay down and cower, or look at it logically and take all precautions..such as an ID tag, mobile phone(or a CB..LOL) and prehaps dont ride at night- as for we all know hoons and turkeys turn into something different at nightime...even worse hoons and turkeys!

Not sure people I know would consider that I cower ;) The event that made me "reply" was when we were on the PW to Ardrossan road and we crested a slight rise. A grain truck was coming the other way and then I heard a truck horn behind us. Without thinking or looking I decided to get off the road into the gravel as did my wife. The two trucks passed each other with no room to spare on the road at 100kph. It was about 1:00pm. We would have been squashed like ants if we didn't ride off the road. Just letting others know that sometimes being on this road is dangerous - even if we have the right to be there it doesn't make it safe. My ID or mobile phone would not have saved me.


Have to say that I am keen as buggery to ride to Adelaide from Kadina but at the moment, wouldn't even consider it unless I left at 6am in the morning to beat the grain trucks. I would hope to be at Kulpara by around 7ish (35 kms) and then roll down the Hummocks and in Pt Wakefield by about 7.45am. Can anyone give me some input as to how to get to Gawler safely from Balaklava. What is the road quality like??

Balaklava-Mallala-Gawler. Good quality road all the way. Reasonably flat.

Dale, I may be keen to ride with you from Gawler to the Ardrossan turnoff. From there I will head up the Hummocks and into my town in Kadina. I am doing triathlons and I am keen to have a shot at some long distance stuff. I havent ridden overly long distances a great deal, however I have ridden 2x 75km rides over 2 days previously. At present I ride 25-35kms each morning.

Will you be riding alone. I have a mate who might also be keen to ride.

Mate, I will be solo. If you think you want to ride with me I'll stay in touch. If your mate wants to ride as well that's OK too as long as he is up to the distance.


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