Anyone have a set of 180mm or 185mm road cranks? to swap for some 175's?

Hi all, I'm 6'2" and all legs.  it's time to see if new 185 vs my current 175 cranks make a difference!

I have a set of stock FSA gossamer BB30 175mm cranks w/only 1000km on them and was wondering if there was a poor soul out there that has somehow ended up with 180 or 185mm cranks and wants to trade for my 175's? 

Any taller riders here done the switch and have comments?



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Sorry couldnt resist to comment....but its a "tall order"......(have you thought about trying 177s?)

ha! nice.  Yes I have thought of 177.5's, but to make any real difference it should be 180 - 185.  Seems like Dura-Ace is the only makers of 180's...maybe there are some out there?  Some people have tried the switch and then found they did not like the effect on their cadence.

Im 6 foot 3....tried some 177 Dura Ace cranks once and found them an advantage for climbing but would need to spin in a lower gear I just use 172.5


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