Yesterday I picked up a bike which had generously been offered to me Saturday morning after the GW ride by an older gent called Albert Cooper. Albert said he had the bike for many years and it was now languishing in his garage and he wished to give it to someone who he knew would clean the old girl up and give it a new life.

Story goes that the bike originally belonged to a Queenslander who had ridden it down from Queensland and had then run short of cash and so he hocked it at a second hand dealer in or near Gawler. Albert had purchased the bike from the secondhand dealer and used it for quite a while until he passed it on to a mate to use, primarily for transport. The mate mistreated the bike and the frame became quite marked and surface rust appeared. Eventually Albert took possession of the bike once more and so it sat gathering dust.

I'm assured that the bike was, at the time, state of the art and a quick investigation puts its vintage around the late seventies very early eighties. It has mostly Dia-compe components, Shimano clamp on down tube shifters and Mavic alloy wheels.

So, can anyone fill me in with more information on Spokesman Cycles Canberra?

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That's the plan Dave.

I have started renovating a old porshe, how long did it take to get it painted, and did you need to take off all the brakes, cranks and gears off to geti done
Carmen, the paint only took three or four days to get done but you have to remove everything. Star Cycles can help with that job if your not confident. Talk to me Saturday if you get a chance.
Kool do they also do chrome jobs

Was it expensive to get it coated
No chrome, that's a specialist electroplating job but the blasting and paint was $50.
Might give them a call , that really cheap

Carmen. I'll give you his number Saturday. If anyone else is interested just let me know.

Dale with his restored circa 1980 Spokesman cycle 

Dale With Spokesman Cycle Photo

Good job Dale she looks shmick ! Looking forward to checking it out one day.


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