To the white BMW X Series driver with rooftop bike carrier (weekend warrior, perhaps?), driving down Hutt Street at about 3:40pm 5/2 (today). If you're out there, please don't merge over the bike lane (1) without indicating and (2) without looking. I was inches from being squeezed into the spare tyre on the back of a parked 4x4. 

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Sorry, I didn't see you, I was busy SMS'ing ahead to Cibo for a takeway order. I usually SMS whilst cycling across the intersection of Cross Rds and Unley Rd (no really, I saw this last weekend) but my bike is in for repairs after some idiot ran into me whilst I was running a red light.

Seriously though, hope you were OK. Just goes to prove that being a cyclist doesn't make you a better driver.

boom tish......

Yeah, I'm fine. There was no contact--well, I did give the side of his car a good tap-tap-tap to get his attention--just frustrated that a fellow cyclist could be so careless. 

If you are over 50years, or as with me nearly 60 years old, you will have watched Disneyland every Sunday night. And perhaps you will remember the cartoon where Goofy, mild mannered at the breakfast table then gets into his car to drive to work and at the instant of turning the car ignition, he grows Devil horns out of his head and he commences to behave and drive like a maniac. That was the 1950's , nothing has changed.

except there is more traffic now and cars can go faster

Added incident at

(I have been slack lately in adding links to incidents reported on the AC hub.)


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