I have a theory that as cyclists we should set the bar high when it comes to obeying road rules for the benefit of all cyclists. I beleive that any perceived increase in safety or convenience gained by cycling on the footpath is more than lost by the antagonism it generates from pedestrians. The large majority of pedestrians are car drivers when they aren't walking.

My stand on this has recently rewarded me with advice that I should stop being a "...pedantic girly...".

So, should we all take to the footpath and out of harms way or obey the rules and take the moral high ground?

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I have visited Japan 3 times , the first time was about 15years ago and the cyclists were all riding on the footpath. No-one rides on the road unless there is no footpath. There they all ride on the footpath and ride through the shopping malls without any problems . They are very polite and courteous and ring their bell to let you know they are going to pass .They also don't talk on their mobile phones while in public places or on public transport. We here in Australia just need a complete change of mindset but that would take centuries.  

Plenty of cyclists ride on main roads in Japan. but usually only the serious types.


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