I am extremely proud to be part of this community ride as without the Amy Gillet foundation and Austcycle I would not be sharing my cycling passion with the wider cycling community working for Ride-a-Bike Right.

Over the past three weeks a community group from Onkaparinga Council have been training for the ride which they attempted last year but this year they wanted to go further. Their goal was the 18km community ride from McLaren Vale to Willunga and back. These adults all have an intellectual disability and love to be out on their bikes and trikes. Most of the group rode the whole distance on a two wheel bicycle which in it's self is a huge achievement. Another rode on a tricycle for 11km the furthest he has ever been and he was smiling all the way...
I was helping an elderly chap who was riding most of the way on a bike with the get out of riding the trike once he got tired or the path was too busy. All of the group I was with did a brilliant job and I am extremely proud of their enthusiasm and determination to complete such a ride. However we had a small incident near the finish with a fall from a trike but thankfully he is ok but for a few scraps he was still smiling after the shock wore off.

All in all a good day and thanks to the two Bike SA angels who helped direct riders around us so I could tend to the fallen chap.

The rest of my family rode the 25kms from Majors Rd to McLaren vale into the head wind, my son rode last year on his 6th birthday (it's his 7th tomorrow) and my daughter was pulled along by her dad on the trailgator. He was not allowed to walk up hills but could rest at the top as much as he wanted - amazing. Feeling extremely happy to part of an amazing family and wider cycling community - hope the profile of cycling has been raised in a positive manner.

Hear's to next year

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Video footage from the 25km route from Majors road.

excellent work from SSRC TV


good to see that Libby was pulling her weight with all that pedalling! Oh my she was so tired coming in over the line!
Well done to everyone who did the ride, Michelle again you did a fabulous job with the group(s) you led. Thanks.

My day started at 5:30 AEDST in Melbourne, so unfortunately I didn't make the start and couldn't do the Southern Expressway :o( Took until nearly 12:00 to get to Willunga, and from that point it was ON!! Being down to a 45km ride I didn't have to conserve at all. Got a few surprised looks as I went blasting past people up the hills! Rode 40km home for good measure though, although for that I had a nice tail wind so I was still able to go pretty quickly.

How did the rest of you find the head-wind?

Few photos from SSRC Group on the ride

Lynn and her brother Keith in the hand cycle

Adrian at the finish

Greg completed his biggest ride to date today 

Mr Ellison and crew

Andre still smiling

Smilies all round in the Richards family :-)

My super little cyclists :-)

Apologies if we missed anyone

Libby doing a RD6  - hahaha

I saw 3 cyclists using hand bikes today. Kick ass effort considering all the climbing today. 

It was a lovely day with much nicer temperatures compared to last years 36C. I was riding with Canon (Printers and Cameras) for the third year and this year we were a bit more organised as a team which helped with the wind... wind, schmind... got to ride it.

Generally all went well and it was nice to catch up with a few ACers along the way.

Really enjoyable ride.  Met Mr Ellison and crew at the start and  stayed with them until halfway down the expressway.  Got caught up in a group and couldn't get out, decided to cruise from there.  The head wind was  hard work but the views along the coast were fantastic.  The finish from Willunga to McLaren Vale and I hit a PB on Strava.  It was a really enjoyable ride and even though there was a head wind it was my highest average speed to date. 


It was great to see a few SSRC members at the end.  Only did the 65, next year will include the Willunga Hill run.

Great idea folks :-)

Well done Lisa, its all about the trying and the enjoyment. Any perceived failures just make us all the more determined to do better next time. Well done!


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